I hate shopping. Like really, really loathe it. I didn’t get that girly gene. And as much as I love a good deal, I can’t get on board with Black Friday. I tried it once when I had to work early anyways one black Friday morning and it just wasn’t worth the chaos to me. Nothing like the holiday shopping season to bring out the lack of patience and ugliness in people.

Clearly my vote goes towards Cyber Monday instead. Gift-buying and good deals all from the comfort of your living room. Although I feel like online shopping has taken off so much lately that you don’t even have to wait the extra few days and can get some pretty good bargains starting Friday or even the week before.

My goal every year is to be done shopping by the time Cyber Monday rolls around. Of course it never really truly happens; there are always last minute ideas and additions. But this year, not knowing when the littlest of the SoS clan is going to arrive and what chaos that may {or may not?} add to our lives has motivated me to get cracking just a little bit earlier. I’m still holding out for a few things, but I’ve gotten a pretty good start.


Anyways, while perusing my standard online shopping sites {I’m looking at you Ebates & Amazon}, I decided I couldn’t help but share some of my favorite past purchases related to health and fitness. These would make great gifts but also be great to add to your own inventory. wink, wink.

So here goes. My version of a health and fitness gift guide, to go along with the 10,000 other ones that will be shoved in your face this and coming weeks. I highly suggest parking your rear in front of your computer or phone and doing it from home instead of attempting to navigate insane parking lots. {Also, if you’re doing any online shopping, sign up for Ebates {ref} –> all you have to do is click the store link from their site and you get cash back. Like I said, I’m not a shopaholic, but I’ve gotten almost $300 back. Plus it lists any coupons and sales the store has.}

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gift guide for foodies

1. Vegetable Spiralizer – I’ve waxed poetic about this a thousand times, but it’s seriously a fantastic way to add more veggies to your life. My three-year old is obsessed with making vegetable noodles, which means he actually wants to eat them too. Here are some spiralizer recipes to get you started.

2. Rice cooker – I never thought I’d need a shortcut for something as simple as rice, but especially since having a kid it’s super convenient to just set it and forget it, instead of worrying about it burning in a pan. We use it for quinoa and oatmeal too.

3. Contigo Coffee Mug – these mugs are the greatest. Not only are they stainless steel and keep things warm {or cold} forever, they have a seal and a lock, meaning when you drop it on the seat trying to get a thousand things in your car you don’t have a disaster on your hands.

4. Yeti Coozie or Tumbler – ok, I laughed when I first saw these. Almost ridiculous. But it is no joke how long they keep your drink hot or cold. So yes, highly recommend. But be forewarned, it might make you sing that Buy Me a Boat song that mentions yeti coolers every time you use it.

5. Blendtec – I know the price tag is insane for a blender of all things, but you can usually find some pretty good sales this time of year {or try Costco or a refurbished one – mine’s refurbished and has been blending like a rockstar for years}. Everything they say about these superhuman blenders is true. I use mine constantly – almond milk, smoothies, cashew cream, hummus, banana ice cream, you name it. If you like super smooth things without any chunks or pieces, this is the way to go.


gift guide for fitness lovers

1. Barre3 or Pure Barre – DVDs or online classes. I’m obsessed with barre workouts {I love the focus on the tiny muscle groups you often forget about} and attribute my lack of recent injury to barre. Classes are expensive though so the at-home version can be a good bridge for between classes. I love that Barre3 has the option for online classes so you don’t get bored of the same workout.

2. UE Boom Speaker – I don’t know whether to put this under kitchen stuff since we have it blasting every time we’re in the kitchen or under fitness because nothing gets you moving like some good tunes. When you don’t have time for anything more, there’s nothing like a little dance party to get your blood flowing and your heart rate pumping. I usually listen to Apple radio or Amazon Prime music right from my phone, and I can hear it anywhere in the house without moving the speaker.

3. 21 Day Fix – Ok, fair warning – use caution when gifting this if it wasn’t requested; don’t want to offend anyone. But really, this is one of my favorite at-home workouts because they’re so quick (less than 30 minutes} but seriously effective and the trainer doesn’t bore me like many workout videos. The meal plan is just an added bonus. Honestly I wish it had a different name because “fix” is rather off-putting to me, but it would make a great gift for anyone on your list that’s trying to take that step into getting in shape or boosting their health. {I love this one so much that her newest one Hammer & Chisel is on my list – it comes out in December.}

4. Pull- up bar – I remember being a kid and kicking butt at pull-ups. I’ll have to live vicariously through that memory because doing a pull-up right now sounds like a joke. But I think it’d be pretty awesome to be able to do them and this is the perfect way to practice.

5. TRX – LOVE this. So, so, so many things you can do with a TRX and it cuts down on the need for a ton of equipment. We’re in the middle of finishing our basement and I can’t wait to mount it from the ceiling instead of relying on a doorway.

6. Fitbit Charge – I have a love/hate relationship with my Fitbit currently because right now it just tells me how lazy I’m being {thank you 9 1/2 months pregnant and on an exercise restriction}, but it’s truly eye opening how easy or hard it can be to get or not get moving enough throughout the day. I also love that it’s a watch and tracks my sleep too {which for the record, is currently averaging an abysmal 4.5 hours a night. {Thanks three year old + pregnancy.} I also love that it syncs with My Fitness Pal for tracking food intake. {The husband has my Garmin Vivofit and prefers that one – a bonus there is that it tells you when you’ve been sitting too long.} Here’s my full review of the Fitbit Charge.

7. Aztec Healing Clay – okay this is kind of a random one, but this clay mask is as magical as everyone says it is. I didn’t buy into the hype the first time I used it {apparently my face is that bad??}, but the second time I was a convert. Makes your pores disappear and gives you baby soft skin, even if you look like a fool wearing it in the process. Even better, follow it up with Marula Oil. Feels soooo good.


Are you a Black Friday or Cyber Monday person? What’s on your list this year?


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