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Oh how I love me some iced coffee. I’m sure this comes as a shock to all since I’ve never, ever mentioned it. I’ve surely never posted a picture of me drinking iced coffee on Instagram….

Ok, #busted.

Though I get my fair share of iced coffee on the go, I love making it home too. I even perfected my own homemade cold-brew method before it was trendy and cool. Luckily I’ve discovered something way way easier than a coffee filter precariously balanced on top of a strainer on top of a pitcher…and actual cold brew set.

1272880_Cold Brew Coffee Maker

But the best part of making iced coffee at home is that I can load my cup up coffee ice cubes before filling it with cold brew, meaning if I don’t get to chug it down in one gulp, it doesn’t end up in a watered-down mess.

mocha coffee cubes-3536

Here’s a fun twist on plain-old coffee ice cubes, which give your iced coffee just a hint of mocha character without being overwhelming.

mocha coffee cubes-3504

Simply combine leftover coffee or some cold-brew, Almond Breeze Almondmilk chocolate, and a dash of cinnamon. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze so they’re ready whenever your next cup is calling. Which is always.

mocha coffee cubes-3511mocha coffee cubes-3520

mocha coffee cubes-3508mocha coffee cubes-3528

Or you know, just eat them plain, like some unnamed three year old. Winking smile

mocha coffee cubes-3538mocha coffee cubes-3539mocha coffee cubes-3543

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