Coffee Questions

by Heather

Witty title, I know.

It’s no secret that two of my favorite beverages are coffee and wine. I am for real not exaggerating when I say some days those are the only liquids I drink. I am horrible about drinking fluids and staying hydrated. Unless of course it’s providing something more, like caffeine. {Although my addiction to decaf coffee is exactly the same.}

I’ve got the wine part of the discussion covered. It’s on the 90+Cellars blog today.

easter foods & wine

I share one of my first wine-tasting experiences where it’s obvious I know exactly nothing and then maybe-sort-of what I’ve learned since then and some of my recommendations for some not-so-traditional Easter recipes. Go check it out. Then come back.

Time to talk about my other love, coffee.


My switch to the Keurig was a slow one. Yes, a cup of coffee in under two minutes is a wonderful thing, but I was hesitant to commit to the switch. We drink a lot of coffee in this house. Plus we already had an instant single cup machine {there just weren’t many pods available} that we rarely used because who only needs one cup of coffee?

I was first swayed by the Keurig’s appeal when I won a mini-Keurig. It didn’t totally win me over, but then I worked with Keurig on a local campaign and I reluctantly fell in love. There’s just something about the magic of already hot water that produces a cup of hot, steaming coffee with a push of a button. I love that it’s always hot without having to sit on a burner for an hour or being reheated in the microwave.

coffee to go

But here’s the thing. I like a good, strong cup of coffee. Kind of how I like my wine. Full-bodied, bold. Dark roast. It’s hard to find in a K-cup. Now I’ve found my favorites for sure, but still. {Favorites by the way are Tully’s and Brooklyn Beans.} It’s hard to find a bold decaf. Those just don’t seem to be something that go together in coffee world. And it’s hard to find good bold, dark roasts in the more affordable options. Sure, between Amazon, Costco, and Aldi I find cups at pretty fair prices, but by the time you drink, oh, three cups a day per person, it adds up. You might as well hike on down to the coffee shop and get a real cup of fresh, bold roast coffee.

Plus, the last little thing {which should be higher on my list of concerns but truthfully isn’t} what about the hot water streaming through the disposable plastic material over and over and over?


All these things add up to using reusable filters, but here’s where I don’t get it. None of the ones I’ve tried have worked. Some don’t have holes on the bottom and you’d literally have to slam the lid down to puncture through the plastic. Or they don’t hold the right amount of your own coffee to make a cup taste any good, even if you use the smallest setting.  Or maybe I’m just doing it all wrong.

So tell me. How do you make a good cup of coffee in a Keurig with a resusable cup? What cup do you use and what’s the secret? Is the only non-plastic cup I’ve seen on the market worth it? Seriously, I know this is lame, but coffee is important stuff. Spill the beans! Or I’m going to have to re-buy an old-fashioned coffee pot. Winking smile

PS I finally did a two year old update for the kynado. It’s on tiny sneakers today.

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