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//House hunting is STRESSFUL. At first it was fun because we were imagining all the possibilities of the future and seeing what other houses look like is fun. But it quickly went from exciting to old. Not knowing where we’re going to end up is driving me absolutely, madly insane {especially right now when we need to pay for things that we don’t know whether we can use, like preschool tuition and pool dues}. I’m not the best at change and not having a direction to drive my thoughts does not sit well. There have been plenty of times where in a moment {ok a lot of moments} of desperation I ask the husband if we can pretty please just move back to our old house, which obviously isn’t an option. I know things will all work out but this in-between/not-knowing stage is pretty much doing me in.

//Speaking of the above, we almost put an offer in on a house – twice. Between getting the contract and signing it {or rather, not signing it} I would completely freak out, get super stressed, and basically be in a constant state of panic attack, which is so not my nature. To help calm down and get some sleep I turned to my old friend Natural Calm. Oh my love this stuff. I swear it lets me get a better quality sleep with fewer wake ups. My Fitbit tends to agree. {Obviosuly this visceral reaction was a sure sign it wasn’t the house for us – we were trying too hard to make it the fit. You know, round pegs and all that.}

//I’m surprising even myself by saying this, but three is such a fun age. For the first couple weeks after KB’s third birthday I was convinced this was the age that would do me in. Luckily we weathered through the stage and are back to having so much fun – he’s so full of energy and personality and cracks me up constantly. The gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately certainly hasn’t hurt.

//That’s it. Time to go dye Easter eggs. Kabes is 10,000 times more obsessed with Easter than Christmas, although I’m not sure he totally gets they’re different… He wants to give the Bunny a hug after he hides his eggs and insists he comes while he’s awake…I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.


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In case you weren’t already addicted to Pinterest enough, Lindsay’s having another Pin-It Party, where you can find and share lots of fun pins. Here are a couple popular ones from around these parts: Pin away! Gluten Free Mojito Cupcakes First Finger Foods For Baby   Cold-brewed Coffee || Homemade Iced Coffee   Free Chalkboard […]

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Fitbit Charge Review

As promised on Instagram, I’ve been putting two fitness trackers to the test. The Fitbit Charge and the Garmin Vivofit. Before I get down to business, I thought I’d review the Fitbit Charge on it’s own first. {You can read my review of the Vivofit here.} Just for the record, I received this Fitbit from […]

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Kids Eat Right? Pretty Cheesy.

repeal the seal kids eat right

The ship has long since sailed where I post things here in a timely fashion, so I’m just going to run with it and publish this post I started writing about the whole Kraft Singles & Kids Eat Right nutrition seal of approval because it’s basically the most ridiculous thing ever. To quickly fill you […]

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