This is one of those posts that I don’t know where to put – here because it’s fitness-related or over on tinysneakers because it’s parenting-related. It’s both!

I decided the running won over the strollering, for the sake of categorizing this, but it’s exciting on both fronts. Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddies has organized the first National Stroller Running Day on November 8th.

Stroller Running Day

There are lots of ways to get involved {namely by running with a stroller – shocker}:

  • Head over to RunStrollerRun and find a stroller friendly race in your area!  Sign up and enjoy with your little running buddies.
  • Set out on your own, push, pull, walk or run with your little buddies.
  • Organize a local run and get together with your local community of runners.  Encourage everyone to bring a pack of diapers to donate to your charity of choice.
  • Sign up to participate in the next Moms-in-Training program in your area.

Chime in on social media with the hashtag #StrollerRun14 then check in here for a chance to win some awesome prizes. {But don’t check in too much, I want to win. Winking smile} There will also be a Twitter party on November 4th at 8 pm EST.

Sponsors include: BOB Strollers, Fit4Mom, New Balance and more!


Do you run with a stroller? Which one? I still don’t have one that works for us …


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