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13 paleo after school snacks

Labor Day is right around the corner, meaning my new favorite holiday of the year is just about here: back to school.

Kidding, kidding. Sort of.

While plenty of kids loaded up their backpacks and filled their lunch boxes last week, my little guy doesn’t start school until after Labor Day. I’ve spent the weekend getting his cups and lunchboxes labeled, hunting down his backpack from last year, and gathering classroom supplies. Though I’m going to be a bit sad to walk away while he stays behind in his classroom to play, I’m excited for him to start preschool.

Judging from previous years {and every day in the life of the Kynado} that means I’ll need extra snacks on hand more than ever. Nothing like playing hard at school all day to work up an appetite.

I’ve rounded up 13 healthy after-school snacks to keep your little {and big} guys and gals going after a long day at school. Because it’s so popular {and helps us with our allergies}, I chose snacks that also happen to be paleo, meaning they’re also gluten free and dairy free. The last thing kids need to keep energized and nourished is a bunch of junk and sugar.

So here you go, from homemade fruit leather to paleo graham crackers, you’re sure to find an after school snack your kiddos will love.

Check out 13 Healthy After School Snacks {Paleo}

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I’ve got a post up on tiny sneakers about our favorite preschool lunch supplies too, so be sure to check it out if you’re packing snacks and lunches to go.

What’s your favorite easy & healthy after school snack?


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