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I’m Heather. Sports dietitian extraordinaire. #boymom x 2. Lover of iced coffee and IPAs. Gluten free, dairy free connoisseur. Writer. Small human raiser. Business coach to RDs and wellness entrepreneurs that want to build thriving businesses. Owner of Elite Wellness & Performance, private practice nutrition coaching with an emphasis on food sensitivities & inflammatory diseases (especially in kids). Basically, all-around rockstar. Just kidding on that last part. Kind of.

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About the Blog

These days I’m a dietetic business coach that helps RDs, nutritionists, health professionals, and wellness entrepreneurs grow thriving businesses and build wildly profitable private practices. {Do you fit in that category? Grab my FREE Wellness Brand Jumpstart!} I also stick to the nutrition side of things and help every day athletes maximize their performance and recovery through food, coach people through identifying and overcoming food intolerances, and help busy moms get a handle on the ever elusive “me time” known as exercise. 😉 I’m also a professional writer and a sometimes fitness coach. Oh, and a mom to two wildly lovable {and rowdy} boys. Phew, a lot of things there.

But looking back at this blog, the above might not be what you always see. A lot changes when you’ve been around awhile. 😉

Right now you’ll see tips for nutrition and wellness entrepreneurs mixed in with some nutrition stuff, some mom stuff, and a little bit of whatever I want. Because I can.

But before that, you’ll see a lot of other stuff. This blog started way back when I had a chronic pain disorder and was pretty much miserable about life. I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and complaining to my family, so I turned to the written word as an outlet. I was sick of doctors not knowing what was wrong with me but still telling me I could give up on ever being any kind of runner or active-anything again. So I did what most stubborn people do and found a way to do it anyways: I signed up for a triathlon and took up biking and swimming. I told myself I’d figure out the running-on-pain-ridden feet eventually. And I did. And that’s what the whole start of this blog was about.

my first tri

As I rambled on about my training, I started sharing the food I was eating and recipes I liked because I’m a dietitian and food rarely stays out of any conversation I’m having.


Then jump forward a bit {still following here?} and I had a kid. {You can find kid-stuff over here.} I started writing less and less because, hello, kids take up a lot of time. But I also started writing and sharing less because my son had food allergies. I didn’t know how to switch from someone who didn’t believe in eating restriction to suddenly writing about food that didn’t have gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and so on. So yeah. That’s where things kind of morphed into what you see today. A little bit of what I feel like, when I feel like.

baby boy

But despite the lack of boatloads of new content daily, there’s still a ton going on behind the scenes. I love helping other dietitians get their businesses booming so they can have a job they love while still living their life. I love coaching people through a health change. I love helping people live their healthiest lives.

So yeah, there you have it.

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About Me

Besides being an athlete-in-the-remaking and a mom of two, I’m a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition with a Masters from Northeastern University and a BS from UNCG. I completed my dietetic internship at Johns Hopkins in Maryland where I grew up, but now I’m a southern transplant living in the heart of central North Carolina. I run a private practice nutrition counseling and business coaching company along with being an avid IPA drinker, health writer, and iced coffee lover.

I believe in the power of a healthy diet, but I’m also a realist and food lover. Food is good. Eat what makes you feel good.

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