Coconut water, that is.

Coconut water is all the rage these days. It’s the new hot energy drink. Only it’s not new- and it’s not full of crazy ingredients.

Zico coconut water

Last week ZICO was kind enough to send me a case of coconut water to review, and boy was I ever happy to do so.

Coconut water is nature’s natural energy drink. It’s the liquid from the center of young, green coconuts. {Coconut milk is a mixture of coconut water and the white coconut meat.} It’s chock full of potassium and other electrolytes- the key component of energy-boosting drinks. Plus, there’s no fat, cholesterol, or added sugar.

coconut water energy drink

Each 14 oz bottle is only 60 calories, so while that may not be enough to refuel you for a tough workout, it’s a great way to rehydrate without adding too many calories.

I was surprised by the array of flavors- I’d only seen the Natural and Pomegranate flavors in the store, but this pack also include Lima Citron, Tau Mango, Pina Tropicale, and Chocolate.

flavored coconut water

My absolute favorite is the Pina Tropicale. The chocolate {and this coming from a non-chocoholic} is surprising delicious and rich. Not at all like what I would imagine chocolate-flavored water would taste like- more like chocolate milk. Especially since coconut water’s just a little bit thicker than regular water.

The ZICO coconut water is definitely best super ice cold- as it warms up, it tends to taste a little salty. It’s absolute the most refreshing thing to drink after a particularly sweaty workout- say, bikram yoga, or a bike ride in 98 degree weather.

hydration alternative

It’s also insanely delicious used as the base of an icy fruit smoothie!

tropical smoothie with coconut water

It doesn’t hurt that ZICO is a pretty cool company- founded by an athlete and Peace Corps volunteer, Mark Rampolla.The bottles are made from 30% recycled material, and the company’s committed to staying sustainable and responsible.

natural energy drink with electrolytes

Guess what?

ZICO’s giving you a chance to win your own case of ZICO coconut water. {Must be a US resident.}

How to Enter:

1. Answer the following question in the comment section:

How are you Naturally Powered?

For additional entries:

2. Take the Pledge to be Naturally Powered on ZICO’s Facebook page . ZICO will make a donation to the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation!

3. “Like” with a Side of Sneakers on Facebook. {You may find additional ways to enter over the course of the giveaway…wink wink.}

4. Tweet: “@SideofSneakers is getting Naturally Powered and giving away a whole case of @ZICO coconut water


Please leave a comment below for each method of entry. Winner will be chosen at random. You have until Monday at midnight EST to enter!!

naturally powered

Don’t forget to visit ZICO’s website for more information on fueling naturally with coconut water, or follow ZICO on Twitter or Facebook.

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