There’s no question breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. The best thing about {most} Saturdays is that there’s TIME to make any breakfast. No need for something fast and practical so you can get on with the workday. Even if your weekends are just as packed as your weekdays, why not take a couple extra minutes to relax and indulge?

The choices are endless. My favorite breakfast choices:

Donut Muffins. Cinnamony, sugary, delectable deliciousness that’s almost too good to be called breakfast. But it’s whole wheat, so it counts. Winking smile

muffindonutsdonut muffins

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Pancakes Melty chocolate for breakfast? Of course.


Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Chip Pancakes What’s better than chocolate for breakfast? Pumpkin pie with chocolate. In pancake form.

pumpkin pie pancake recipe

Ok, ok, any & all kinds of pancakes. <—Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Pancake. Seriously, the options are endless.

pancakes recipe

Pumpkin Pomegranate Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing. The perfect combination of fall flavors. Too good to reserve for fall only.

pumpkin pomegranante cinnamon rolls

Wheatberries. On anything.

wheat berries

Vegan Sticky Buns. Need I say more?

vegan sticky buns

Quinoa Granola. Crunchy, protein-packed snack or cereal topper with a hint of sweetness.

oatmeal with quinoaquinoa granola recipe

Blueberry Cream Crepes. Ugly picture. Delicious dessert breakfast.

blueberry cream crepes

Vegan Cinnamon Chip Scones. A long-time scone hater, I became a convert with these Starbucks-impersonations.

cinnamon scones recipecinnamon chip scone

Baked Oatmeal. Takes oatmeal from blah to bam!

baked oatmeal recipe

Or Baked PUMPKIN Oatmeal. Because pumpkin makes everything better.

pumpkin oatmealbaked pumpkin oatmeal

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls. I don’t think it’s a secret that these are my favorite of all times.

vegan cinnamon roll recipe

Fried Oatmeal. A new favorite.

fried oatmeal

What’s your favorite breakfast? Feel free to link up recipes.