It’s been a long time since I wrote about fitness. It’s pretty boring to read something like this:

Oh hey, I didn’t run again today. My knee hurts. It won’t get better. Nope, still didn’t run. Tried to run. Didn’t work. Now it really hurts. Why did I do that? Hey I did a triathlon. Whoops, my knee still hurts three days later.

Boring, stuff, right?

Well. Maybe not anymore. I’m not getting ahead of myself; my knee’s not fixed, but it’s 1,000 times better than it has been in the last four years. I can run for up to three minutes four times in a row on a good day.

I know, that sounds like a joke. That’s like, what? A mile and a half maybe? But it’s a mile and half longer than I’ve run pain free in years. That’s the big difference this time. I’m not just pushing through; I’m actually running. And not slow either- running faster actually helps my knee feel better by improving my stride.

Though starting from scratch while running faster than you’ve always run is rather interesting in and of itself. It’s ridiculous how fast I get winded. Almost embarassing. But it’s a small price to pay to actually be able to run and not hobble.

So what worked –finally?

A serious combo of:

  • finding the right doctor
  • realigning my femur
  • physical therapy {with the right physical therapist}
  • dry needling {a technique to relieve trigger points}
  • building strength in my hips & glutes
  • changing my stride
  • sticking with it

Nothing glamorous but some how it’s all coming together and actually working this time. I haven’t written much about it along the way because it felt like it was just another one of those things that wouldn’t work and womp womp womp. But now that I’m seeing progress in the right direction, I might start sharing some of that.

I’m not doing high fives yet {and defintely not signing up for anything!}, but it feels good to be back in my running shoes. Smile