If you’ve been reading for the past year or so, you’ve probably heard me belabor about finding snacks and easy meals that fit our relatively new eating parameters: dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Most of the time it’s pretty easy now that we’ve gotten used to it, but finding snacks on the go and things to eat when I haven’t had time to plan gets a little hairy. I had a chance to try some snack bars that met our list of requirements, plus are Paleo, non-GMO, and artificial-anything-free. Meet AMRAP bars:


{You might recognize “AMRAP” from Crossfit lingo – “as many rounds as possible”. These are bars are perfect for Crossfit athletes and more.}

They have 13-21g of protein per bar too. Not too shabby.

It’s no fun if I get to try something new and you don’t, so here’s your chance to try out these new bars and their fun flavors: Cashew & Vanilla, Almond & Honey, and Fig & Cacao.

Enter for a chance to win a variety box {THREE winners!}

**Leave a comment below for each of the above things you did so I can randomly pick a winner by Sept 16.**

You can also pre-order a box starting today; the first 2,500 customers will be entered to win up to $300 in prizes.