1 mile walk

50 minutes crazy zumba dancing

25 minutes hardcore fitness challenge

50 minutes 80s style trampoline jumping

= 1 tired fitblogger

Yesterday kicked off the 2011 Fitbloggin’ conference with a bang.

fitbloggin 11

The morning started off bright and early with a 5K…that I didn’t run. I didn’t want to make my knee angry- there were trampolines to bounce on later. Instead I did a 1 mile fun walk sprinkled with wall push-ups and step-ups.

After watching a kettlebell demonstration, the sitting was over- time for some action.

Despite protests of my extreme dislike of Zumba, I decided to give it one more try. It wasn’t so bad this time around, and it was definitely a good workout. I was sweating in no time.

As soon as the dancing was over, it was time for leg blast fitness challenge with Cathe Friedrich. {Apparently a fitness workout icon that I failed to know anything about prior to this weekend, but she lived up to her hype.}

tina and cathe

{Tina with Cathe. Post pictures courtesy of Tina!}

She guided us in a quick but intense lower body workout complete with resistance bands and paper plates-turned-floor slides.

Just in case we hadn’t gotten our fill of fitness yet, as soon as we were done, JumpSport Fitness rolled in a slew of personal-sized trampolines. The kind that were popular in the 80s, but updated and cooler.

trampoline class

Trampolining may be my new favorite workout. I was nervous it was going to hurt my knee, but it was so low impact that it felt great…new physical therapy tactic maybe?


Despite being fun and bringing out my inner child, it was a challenging workout. I could definitely see a trampoline taking up center stage in my living room…sound good husband?