I sort of accidentally sold my house.

See, the grand plan was to live here until it was time for KB to head to kindergarten, then we’d move to a better school district. We wouldn’t really need to move until high school time, but if we know it’d need to happen now, we might as well start in the right track.

Then some city-wide construction plans were released, and while they’ll be great for the area when they’re finished, they’d be happening right when we were trying to move and selling a house amidst construction sounded like a terrible idea.

So I casually put the word out we were going to put our house on the market soon and before I knew it we were signing a contract. Fast-forward all the things.

house sale contract

We’re fortunate things worked out so quickly, but holy wow. Even before it sold I was completely and utterly overwhelmed with the prospect of moving. I know we won’t end up really far away or in a completely new city, but we will be farther away than we ever have been from our life as we know it and the prospect is terrifying, overwhelming, and anxiety-inducing. We won’t be near our friends, our activities, our favorite spots.

hiking with toddler

I know things will work out fine. I know being in a good school district is more important {to us} than other more frivolous things, but it’s still hard to swallow. I know I will adapt once things actually happen, but right now, we have a closing date with no good prospects of a new house or even what part of town. The not knowing and the what-if’s and the I-don’t-know’s are killing me. Let’s not even talk about the fact that we’ll be leaving our first home, the one we put blood, sweat, and tears into, the one we brought our baby home to. Cue all the tears. I know, I’m being dramatic. I’m allowed.

There’s really no point to this post except eep yikes. That’s what’s happening right now…

{and in the middle of the chaos a certain little someone turned 3!}