A little of what we’ve been up to this month with What’s Up Wednesday.

what's up wednesday link up questions
I know, I know, 2 posts in 2 days.

What we’re eating this week:

Buffalo chicken chili, spaghetti squash casserole, African peanut stew, and endless bowls of sweet kale salad {always}. {Here’s our meal plan from last week.}

What I’m reminiscing about:

Dry weather. Perhaps this is the year I finally invest in a raincoat. Or umbrella.

baby belly and tiny hands in the rain

What I’m loving:

My latest WAHM coaching group – last year I started coaching other moms and women on how to create their own career freedom and spend more time doing the things that matter to them {like hanging with the kiddos} and I looooove hearing what other women are passionate about and their amazing ideas – it’s so inspiring.

What we’ve been up to:

Getting wet in the rain. There’s only so many indoor activities I can handle and since it’s not actually cold out yet, the rain is a welcome opportunity to have a little childhood fun. Splashing in puddles and mud pies, anyone?

kid in the rain playing in the rain

What I’m dreading:

One of the big companies I do a ton of work for is axing staff this week. I’m not so much dreading which side of the equation I’ll fall on as having the idea hang over my head for a month.

What I’m working on:

New coaching programs for my WAHM groups AND my nutrition groups. I’m switching my nutrition counseling to a group format to help with accountability and I’m super excited about seeing it unfold.

What I’m excited about:

I think I’ve already used the words “excited about” too many times in this post to answer this separately, but why not: fall weather. red leaves. pumpkins. apples. bonus baby ultrasound today. <3

What I’m watching/reading:

I ran out of books on my reserved list at the library so I’ve been working my way through old Jodi Picoult’s that I have at home. So far this week I’ve re-read 19 Minutes {holy cow, not a good book to read once you’re a parent} and I’m working on Vanishing Acts. Before that I finished A Walk Across the Sun and Unbroken – I highly, highly recommend the first, and while it’s an impressive story, I can’t get on the bandwagon of everyone being obsessed with the latter.

a walk across the sun jodi picoult 19 minutes

What I’m listening to:

Boys wrestling on the office floor. And by “boys”, I mean my three year old and the husband. I’m beginning to realize what my house might sound like all the time once I have two kids…

What I’m wearing:

I should never be allowed to answer this question. Stretchy workout pants and sweatshirt. 21 Day Fix Dirty 30 is on the agenda but honestly, I’d be wearing this anyways. #nothingfits

What I’m doing this weekend:

Hanging out with my boys. Hopefully going to KB’s second soccer game. He had a blast at his first soccer game, but last week’s was rained out.

three year old first soccer game

What I’m looking forward to next month:

Halloween, duh. KB’s been asking for it since early September. At least now I can say it’s on the radar. Now we just have to choose between a tiger, dinosaur, Spiderman, and whatever else a three year old comes up with between now and eternity {aka 4 weeks}.

halloween three years of kid costumes

What else is new:

I actually wrote a pregnancy update. Two in 30 weeks is good, right?

What’s your favorite Halloween tradition:

I used to love our neighbors’ wine & s’mores station, but now that we live in a new neighborhood I have no idea what to expect. I don’t even know if little kids live here. It’s a ghost town. Perhaps it’ll be perfect for Halloween…

My new favorite tradition is the “Teal Pumpkin Project” – you put a teal pumpkin on your porch to let families know you have allergy-friendly or non-candy treats available. I think I’d love this even if we didn’t deal with allergies – hello candy overload.

What’re you up to?!

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