After a day of relaxing at the beach {and walking to an island}, it was time to get ready for the real reason we were on vacation…a wedding!

wedding snapshots

Getting 10 people showered and dressed all fancy in 30 minutes is no easy feat- but we managed to succeed. I am now an expert on folding pocket squares.

dancing groomsmenIMG_2866 (500x333)

Though the ceremony had to be moved at the last minute, everything turned out a-okay. The wedding started with a beautiful outdoor ceremony with a scenic backdrop of the water.

water's edge resort and spaoutdoor wedding ceremony

The temperature had cooled off just enough to make it perfect wedding weather- warm enough to be comfortable, but not so warm the bride was dripping sweat. The groomsmen probably were though- they were head to to toe in black.

The groom and his best man. Can you tell from their faces which is which? Winking smile

nervous groom and dancing best man

groom waiting at the alter

The husband was one of the groomsmen. He’s a cheeseball.

bridesmaid and groomsmen walking down the aisle

And then came the bride and her dad.

bride and dad walking down the aisle

That’s not the dress she showed me she was wearing when we visited them in CT a few months ago- but it was gorgeous.

After some singing, some blessings, and some readings…

bridesmaid singing

…they were officially married!

now pronounce you man and wife

They headed down to the beach for pictures and champagne toasts.

bridal party pictures

The rest of us headed over to the cocktail hour in the garden, where the ceremony was originally going to be held.

cocktail hour in garden

The groomsmen gifts were giant glass boots… DAS BOOT! {Beerfest, anyone?}

drinking out of bootsdas boot from beerfest

We entertained ourselves with a photo shoot while we waited for the reception to start.

wedding guestsgroomsman and datebirthday girl and ii'm the king of the world picturekissing cheek picture

The ceremony site may not have turned out as planned, but they’re still going to end up gorgeous photos from their wedding day- it was such a beautiful view.

Before long, it was time to move inside for the wedding reception.

wedding reception decorations

The first dance:

bride and groom first dance

Then dinner!

salmon and couscous

I had salmon with what looked like Israeli couscous and baby zucchini. Other options were lobster and filet mignon, or rack of lamb. Crazy fancy food choices!

I’m not too good at taking pictures in the dark with crazy strobe lights, so most of my reception pictures are pretty bad. This one cracks me up though- the guys catching the garter. Most of the time they stand still and hope it doesn’t land near them, but apparently these guys are tired of being single!

boys catching garter at wedding

And with that, the wedding came to a close and it was time to head home from our mini beach vacation. And now I promise you don’t have to hear any more about a wedding you weren’t at for people you don’t know. Winking smile

What’s your favorite part of a wedding?