Please note this post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of VitaFusion. As always, I’m allowed {and do} give my own opinion- I’m not fed BS to say…err, write.

Before I was pregnant, I was gung ho about doing everything “right”. Yeah, the good ol’ “before I was pregnant” syndrome– where the universe laughs in your face for trying to plan something as unplannable as pregnancy.

I knew what to eat, what not to eat, and what vitamins to take. I tried out every sample from my doctor’s office, then continued to search for the one that met my requirements. It was free of fillers, dyes, animal products, gluten, dairy, and soy. It was perfect.

And then I got pregnant. And sick. sick sick sick. Not as sick as some people, but sick enough to feel like crap for approximately 7 months. Swallowing a big honking, chalky pill was about as appealing as jumping into a pool of snakes.

Eventually I gave up my strict requirements and went back to my old adult gummy vitamins. I’ve always been much more likely to actually take vitamins if I can chew them and don’t have to get some water and swallow them. The gummy vitamins weren’t perfect, but considering I wasn’t eating great, they were better than nothing. When I was able to, I choked down some folic acid & omega-3s, which was much easier than the giant all-in-one pill.


Now if I’d found these PreNatal gummy vitamins I got from VitaFusion when I was pregnant, I would have been pretty pleased. {My instagram friends agree!} Chewing something sweet definitely wins over nauseating pills. Good thing they’re not sour or I probably would’ve overdosed. {Sour Patch Kids were my secret morning sickness cure.}


Here are my pros & cons of these gummies:


Chewable & taste good: lemon & raspberry lemonade flavors

Natural flavors

Contain DHA: a necessary nutrient for pregnancy that the body can’t make

No dairy, gluten, or soy

No iron

Source of fish oil tested for mercury and PCBs

Made in the USA



No iron

Contain sugar

Only 31% of daily DHA needs



You may notice “no iron” under both lists. It’s a pro because iron can upset a lot of people’s stomachs. It’s a con because iron is super important during pregnancy and women may not realize it’s not included.

Similarly, “DHA included” is emphasized, but it doesn’t meet your daily requirement. That’s ok as long as women realize that.

The sugar isn’t really a big deal in the long run, but it’s worth pointing out, especially in case of gestational diabetes, etc.


Another con?

My toddler likes to steal the bottle from me. I usually have to hunt for it amongst the toys and let him play with it before I get to open it. Winking smile


And yes, I still take prenatal vitamins and no, I’m not pregnant {but I am breastfeeding}. One of the factors that makes prenatals good for pregnancy is the folic acid. Folic acid is a nutrient so important to the early, early stages of pregnancy that it’s a good idea to take them if you’re of childbearing age, just in case.


VitaFusion makes a ton of different vitamin varieties, all of which are gummies. Check out the #nutritiontastesgood hashtag on Twitter to see some reviews about the other kinds.

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