I tumbled out of bed this morning only slightly later than I would have if I were racing, and headed to the park to see the start of the Iron Girl Triathlon. After an epic hunt for parking and a 20 minute walk later, I was there.

There weren’t too many places you could see everything that was going on- the swim, bike, run, & transition areas were spread out, so I walked around to a bunch of spots to see different athletes in different parts of the race.


Despite the rain, this race drew quite the crowd of spectators! There were cars for a mile down all the surrounding streets, lines of people along the course leading to the transition area, and even lawn chairs on the hill, as if watching a concert. I love how much support there was! I saw more than one family in coordinating shirts cheering for their respective athletes- sisters, moms, wives- it was quite a site.

finish line 


I love how disorganized the transition area looks compared to yesterday’s meticulous rows of bikes.


The bike-to-run exit.

transition area


tri awards 

I’m still upset I wasn’t one of the athletes, but being there seeing other people do amazing things is always inspiring. It reminds me why we put ourselves through injuries like this, and what’s waiting for us [me] on the other side.


Cutie Pies

After a quick trip home to change out of my wet-then-semi-dried clothes, I headed to celebrate my cousin’s 1st birthday with my family.


baby and daddy matthewbirthday  

Such a cutie pie I just had to share 🙂

He loved his Elmo cupcakes!

 birthday candle messy face  sesame cupcakes


Rhubarb Pies

And while I was out cheering on the Iron Girls, my step dad magically transformed some funny looking purplish stalks into this amazing masterpiece:


I can’t share the recipe because I haven’t be given the secret yet, but I know it contains some combination of sugar, flour, cinnamon, lemon juice, rhubarb, and pie crust! Tart, but sweet- & oh so good!


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!