Several of you asked for resources on the dairy post– I’ll work on pulling those together for you, but in the meantime, a frivolous Friday post:

I know iPhone’s are the gold standard, yet somehow I still chose an Android phone when I finally hopped on the smartphone wagon. I might be reconsidering that choice now that I’m on my third Rezound in 3 months. I just don’t know how all you iPhone-users get along without Flash. Anyways, since I’ve become an expert in starting from scratch when it comes to apps, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Android apps with you- specifically the photo apps I use since I always get questions about them on Instagram {I’m sideofsneakers, btw}.

My favorite free photo apps for Android:



Photo Grid

photo grid

Photo Grid is my favorite collage-making app. Sometimes just one  feed. Photo Grid lets you make a collection of pictures, choose your layout, your background you want.


phonto app

The best text-on-photo app I’ve found for Android. I think the iPhone version lets you make a solid background behind the text which would be an awesome feature, but I still love it nonetheless. You can choose a variety of fonts, change the size, color, shadow, etc. Again, you can share it right from the app.

Pixlr Express

pixlr express

My favorite feature of this photo editing app is the crop function. If you’re going to be using a photo for Instagram, it needs to be a square. It’s helpful to already have the picture cropped before you add any effects, borders, or text. Pixlr Express easily lets you do this. I also love the photo correction features, like brightening, contrast, color correction, etc. The overlays, effects, and borders are fun too.



This is my go-to for fine tuning photo correction- you can choose an adjustment and select how much or little effect you want by sliding your finger. This one crops too, and has a great center-focus feature.



The big brother to Pixlr Express. This app has lots of fun effects, but finding the one you want to use takes a little longer than the express version.

Little Photo

little photo

More fun effects & overlays, because you can never have too many. Winking smile I would use this one more if it had a built in crop feature, but it is fun to layer different effects and see what you come with.


familiar photo sharing app

This isn’t so much a photo app as a social media-esque app: it’s a super simple photo sharing app. I use it to share pictures with my mom and the husband when he’s out of town. I can just click share from the picture on my phone and it uploads to a gallery they can see. Much easier than emailing attachments or sending a billion texts.



After my first phone died I quickly learned backing up my photos automatically was key- enter Dropbox. I already use this on my computer for work, so it was easy to add the app to my phone and have it automatically upload my pictures.

photo apps for android

Any favorites to add to the list?