Happy 4th of July!!

And more importantly in our house, Happy Birthday Husband!!

birthday cookie cake

While 4th of July is a perfect excuse for a creative red, white, and blue themed dessert, sometimes you just need to go with a classic.

4th of july dessert ideas from pinterest

making cookies with kitchen aid mixer

It’s not altered, it’s not made healthy, it’s just what the bag says. What bag? The infamous Tollhouse chocolate chip bag.

kitchen aid stand mixer ice bluemaking chocolate chip cookies

{Ok I lied, I used Earth Balance because that’s all I had- but still. Close enough.}

When the birthday boy requests cookie cake for his birthday, the birthday boy gets cookie cake. Which of course makes me love him even more, since cookie cake is what I requested for my birthday for years since I hated cake.

chocolate chips

Have you ever seen the Friends episode where Monica works tirelessly to uncover the secret of Phoebe’s grandma’s cookie recipe? Spoiler alert: turn over the bag of Tollhouse chocolate chips.

tollhouse cookie recipe

chocolate chip cookie dough batter

{Or use store brand chocolate chips like me and follow the recipe online for the Original Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookie, but don’t tell Tollhouse you cheated.}

spreading cookie dough in pan to make barstollhouse chocolate chip cookie bars

I wish I could blame this decorating job on a child, but unfortunately, I claim full responsibility.

decorating cookie cake

4th of july cookie cake

Don’t worry, I took care of “cleaning” the bowl. And by cleaning, I do in fact mean licking.

kitchen equipment

eating cookie dough

This is the first year we’ve celebrated the 4th of July and the husband’s birthday at home in maybe 4 years, so we’re off to go find out where the fireworks happen!

birthday chocolate chip cookie cake recipe

What’s your favorite classic dessert? And how are you celebrating the 4th?!