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Umm. A couple months ago.


For the record, KB is 26 27 months old. I was writing another post, wrote that he was currently 2 years old, went to link to a birthday post and …

womp womp.


Bad blogger. Busy mommy. Smile

So since I forget things and I like going back to look at them, here’s a better-late-than-never two year old birthday post. Yup, I’m going there.

Second Birthday


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Twenty Six Seven Months

I already don’t know what happened two months ago and what’s new, so here’s what’s happening now.


Our once quiet little tyke is talking up a storm. He’s a regular little chatterbox and I love, love, love listening to him talk. It’s like a tiny window into what’s going on in that little brain of his. Current favorite phrases: “What’s that sound?” “Mommy, you doing?”

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Still a voracious eater, not 15 minutes go by when I don’t hear the question {and often demand}, “Eat?” Mostly a good eater, he’d still rather eat snacks like pea chips and fruit than anything that actually looks like a meal. Except breakfast. He’s all about some “oatmeal hot” and asks for it 50 times  a day.


KB loves to do things by himself, “Ky do it” “Do self!”, but not with the independence and determination that I think is common for this age. For as many times as I hear “do self”, I hear “No, Mommy do it” a thousand times more.

He still loves school {the only place I can drop him off without tears and screams}. He goes four mornings a week and loves his friends and teachers. Next month is the last month before summer break {eep} and next year he’ll be in the two year old class three days a week.


Sleep. I hesitate to even put this in writing less it jinx our current circumstances. The last two+ weeks have been fabulous when it comes to sleep {for us anyways}. Kabes’ is sleeping in a toddler bed now {!!}, yet another transition I never documented. I don’t know that it’s related to the better sleep but it was a less traumatic transition than it could have been.

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What else? He counts to twelve fairly regularly, though sometimes gets stuck on 3. Winking smile He knows his names starts with the “k” sound and his favorite letter remains B. He loves odd shapes like stars and hearts, and he loves to point out the sun and the moon. He loves to sing song but will rarely do it, with the exception being “You Are My Sunshine” which is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. He often follows his performance with a round of applause.

His favorite things to do are run, jump, and play outside. He’s getting the hang of his balance bike. I think he’ll be riding for real if he sees a friend ride one more time. As much as he loves to run around, he loves to be held and carried, mostly because he wants to know what’s going on at grown-up level. He’s a good “helper” as long as you don’t actually plan on having any kind of finished product or task. Winking smile He loves his family and gives the best hugs and kisses in the whole world. He’s chill and easy-going {unless you’re leaving him} but he has hints of an attitude. He knows when he’s trying to push buttons and likes to see how far he can take it before getting in trouble. You can almost see the wheels turning behind his bright blue-gray eyes: hmm, is this going to be worth getting in trouble?


He also loves Mickey, Super Why, and watching “the truck song”. I used to be anti-tv until I actually had a kid. Now it’s the only chance I have all day to get some snuggles. He loves airplanes, trucks, school buses, snowmen, and the play dough form of all of those things. He likes balls of kind, bats, and golf clubs. Pretty much anything he can hit, kick, or throw.


His only real dislikes are being left and having water dumped on his head. And being told he can’t eat {enter food of the day here}.

I know two is supposed to be “terrible”, but so far it’s terrific and I love, love, love having a toddler around and getting to spend my days with this one. Smile

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