Two Point Five

by tinysneakers

I’m literally astounded by how much Kabes has changed in the last six months. I thought the newborn/infant period would be the one of the most rapid change, full of wonder and amazement on how much difference even a day makes, but I’d have to say 2 and 1/2 is pretty amazing too.

last day of school<<last day of school

While he’s gone from just talking a little bit to talking a lot in the last half a year, it’s the level of comprehension he shows that blows me out of the water. The number of steps in a single direction he can follow, the ability he has to remember things that happened months ago. the self-awareness he has. Now that’s not to say he tends to actually listen to directions, but he could if he wanted to. I’m blown away when he tells me about something that happened last week or last month or even over the winter. I’m stunned when he starts singing songs and actually gets the words and the tune mostly right. I’d be in disbelief when I heard him count if I hadn’t been hearing him do it for months. {He gets to 10 pretty regularly – 5 is sometimes optional. If you give him the hint of 11 he’ll keep going til the teens, though it gets iffy. He can even do mostly up to 10 in Spanish if he feels like it.}

carousel ride

This kid keeps me on my toes and he keeps me laughing while doing it. He tells me “No, my have 5 more minutes” when I tell him it’s time to go. Or he tries to pretend “last time” and “one more time” are two different things. He says “my” instead of “I” which is even more adorable because it sounds like he’s being uber polite and asking “May I have…?” Just in case I didn’t know, he tells me all the time: “Mommy, I funny.”

He talks a mile a minute and says most words fairly well except for water which he calls “mama”. It’s adorable and applies to all things water – like mama-falls and mama-melon.


Our glorious vacation-like two/three-week period of wonderful, fabulous sleep washed away like a retreating ocean tide and never came back. {I still laugh at what we consider fabulous.} He transitioned to a toddler bed in March. The good sleep came shortly thereafter…by April it was gone. He’s in and out of bed multiple times before going to sleep for the night, often gets up at least once during the night, and is back to waking up pre-crack of dawn. At least he still naps most days – around 1 or 2. Sometimes for a magical hour. We always knew the great sleep wouldn’t last, but boy was it nice. And such a tease. He just has better things to do I guess.

baby yoga

He still eats like a race horse but he’s finally growing taller. He’s the only kid I know who asks to get out of the pool so he can eat again. He’s obsessed with drinking my sparkling water and asking for popsicles,“oatmeal hot”, and granola bars.


With school out for the next three months, we’ve been filling our days with summer fun, like parks, pools, and playgrounds. KB is my best helper around the house. By helper, I mean makes a mess of everything I’m cleaning up but at least making the process more fun. We’re still working on the gym daycare situation. Yes, two years later, he still hates it. I’m trying to be consistent about our daily routine so he gets more and more used to it, but it’s still a battle. With the lack of fantastic sleep and the husband traveling frequently this summer, I’m behind on everything but enjoying the time that matters. So far I haven’t gone insane without child care. Then again, it’s only June.Winking smile

swimming pool

We’re still attempting to potty train. Or maybe I should say really attempting now. Mostly. He does fine naked but often forgets when he has pants on. So, yeah… not really there yet. Sometimes he does really well and other days not so much. He likes to ask me what color the water is which is really fun in public restrooms. {I blame the husband for that one- he put a color changing automatic cleaner in his toilet.} I recently introduced him to peeing outside which is obviously totally phenomenal.

riding bike

He loves riding his balance bike, going for walks, running and racing, playing in the hose, all of his grandparents and aunt, his Thomas book that has no story, and all things trucks and tractors. He learned to pedal a tricycle last week, or his legs finally grew long enough to reach them. Either way it was pretty cool.


It’s hard to sum up a whole six months in a few {ok, many} words, but there’s a snapshot. I obviously knew nothing about kids when I got into this whole having-a-child situation, as I’m amazed at what a two-year is capable of and can comprehend, but it’s pretty darn awesome. Babies are cute and cuddly but toddlers are seriously fun.

sandbox play

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