Three Months

by tinysneakers

Infancy is one of those times where days seem like weeks and weeks seem like months, so three months must be the equivalent of a year or two. I don’t mean this in a bad way, as in time is dragging on, but in a good way – a way that means this newest munchkin of ours feels like he’s been around always.

3 months

I know, I know, I know you’re not supposed to compare kiddos, but the ride has been so much smoother this time {knock on wood} and I can’t chalk it all up to experience. While we’ve had a few things here and there, this baby is so much more content than KB ever was, which is such a relief. It makes even the hard parts seem easier because we KNOW hard.

first three months baby

It appears that Baby M has food allergies, just like big brother, but they appear to be different ones. We’re in the midst of trying to figure it all out, but the biggest issue is that he’s a teeny tiny peanut and isn’t gaining weight as well as he should be. Every day is a battle of mommy instinct saying everything is just fine and mommy guilt saying what if we’re missing something. I’m in the middle of an elimination diet which is NO FUN, all caps necessary, because I think it’s pretty clear I’ve been avoiding Pinterest and Instagram because it’s just a means of self-torture. That being said, if it helps this kid grow and stop having mucousy poops {you wanted to know that, right?} and helps him sleep, I’ll do whatever he needs. Already has me wrapped around his little finger.

babywearing ergo winterIMG_2715

On the positive side, he’s a pretty content baby. He is obsessed {as evidenced by huge grins} with his brother and daddy. He’s given us a couple rolls off a pillow and is a tummy time champ. He loves having his diaper changed {weirdo} and taking baths with big brother. He naps 30 minutes at a time, but goes down for the night fairly easily…until he’s up again…and again…and again. He sleeps in the rock n play next to my bed for easy pacifying, but I pull him into bed with me after his first chunk of sleep so I can maximize mine. It’s called survival. {That and going to bed as soon as both boys go to bed.;)}

brothershappy babyIMG_2822

I’m not sure what else you say about a 3 month old, but he’s pretty awesome. We’ll keep him.

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