Summer Lovin’

by tinysneakers

Summmmahh summah time.

Ok, I know summer is almost over and fall is technically right around the corner {woohoo}, but before it’s officially over I wanted to share some of our summer adventures. We actually really didn’t do much of anything – no vacations, trips, big plans- but we had a blast.

While everyone else is cheering and high-fiving the start of school, I’m actually kind of sad it’s starting. It was my last summer home with just my one baby kid and he’s at such a fun age that it made doing nothing with him completely and totally enjoyable.

Last summer was fun because we spent it entirely with friends – every week was packed with playdates and adventures and daytrips and pool days. This year for whatever reason started out much more lonely, but we ended up having just as much fun just the two of us most days. The beginning of the summer was a little less than optimal with lots of transitions {aka moving} and me being sick {morning sickness is the biggest summer downer ever}. But but but. Then we packed in lots of fun and enjoyment in the little things: playing with toys, riding bikes, park-hopping, and just hanging out at home. I soaked up every minute of it because I’m fully aware that at another time this could have absolutely tortured me, but the latter half of age three has been a complete delight.

So here’s a little recap of some of our summer non-adventures that added up to lots of fun, and me being sad that we won’t have every single day together anymore. I’m also already crying on the inside about kindergarten starting in two years and wondering if such a thing as part-time elementary school exists. I’m sure some age or stage will change my mind between now and then…


Bubbles & bugs.



bike riding

Bike riding x 103,487

july 4th

4th of July

superheropeach picking

Superheroes & peach picking.

baseball gamesplash park

Baseball games & splash parks.

dirt scoopingfirst movie

Dirt scooping & first “movie” theater experience.

fire truck ride

Fire truck exploring.


Fun loving.


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