Snack Solutions // Munchkin Meals 3 Yrs.

by tinysneakers

Munchkin meals! One of my favorite topics – foods my kid will eat. Or, depending on the day {or hour or week}, one of my least favorite topics because kids have quite the knack to be a little persnickety when it comes to pretty much just about anything, especially food.

I started writing about a typical day in the foodie life of my three year old, but decided I’d rather touch on one of our biggest current {and ongoing} issues when it comes to food. Luckily, Kabes is a pretty good eater – he’s open to a lot of foods and loves to eat. The problem {if you can even call it that} is that he always wants to eat. If you’re the parent of a picky eater or kid who has better things to do than eat, then you probably think I’m crazy for even calling this a problem. However, when your kid is asking to eat or for a snack or for xyz from the fridge or pantry every 20 minutes no matter how much he’s just eaten, it becomes a thing.

So instead of talking about a full day of eats, here’s our snacking solution. It doesn’t necessarily address the desire to be constantly eating, but it makes it easier on both of us {ok, mainly me}.

First I snagged a couple extra of my all-time favorite snack containers {other lunchbox favorites here} when they happened to be on super sale and repurposed a few plastic bins we had. I portioned out a few of KB’s favorite go-to dry/non-perishable snacks, like pretzels, veggie straws, raisins, cereal, nuts, and dried fruit. I threw them in one of the plastic bins along with some pre-packaged grab and go snacks he’s always wanting like granola bars, fruit cups, boxes of raisins, and the all-time-kid-fave, pouches.

This bin stays out of three-year-old reach on a shelf in the pantry {which is finally semi-organized thanks to a visit from my mom distracting KB long enough for me to tackle it}. A second bin holds his snack options for a single day. I just grab a few of different variety from the main bin and toss them in a bin that’s at his level. This way not only can he help himself to a snack instead of relying on me to get it for him, it makes things easier for me because it’s already ready to go. Opening a bag and pouring a snack into a bowl shouldn’t be a big deal, but when you do it 18,493 times a day it gets old. This also means I easily know what he’s already had to eat that day, and prevents any arguments when I tell him he’s already had that and needs to pick something else. {Certain things he’s only allowed one of a day, like granola bars and pouches because hello $$ – not to mention he’d eat 358 a day if I left him to his own free will}.

I repeated mostly the same thing in the fridge, for perishable items like fruits and veggies. I portioned them into his snack containers along with an accompaniment that tends to go with it, like peanut butter or hummus for carrots or celery. The only difference between the fridge and the pantry is that I don’t have a “main” item bin he can’t reach, partly due to space and partly because there’s not much I’d limit in the fridge. He can eat 948 containers of fruits and veggies for all I care.

I pre-prep all our fruits and veggies anyways, so tossing them in smaller containers is no big deal, yet saves me so much time and hassle when it comes to encouraging healthy snack options. Plus they’re there too if I need a quick side to go with a lunch or dinner. Having everything pre-packed makes it easier to grab healthy snacks and walk out the door at the last minute. If I didn’t have fruits and veggies ready I’d resort to granola bars and raisins a whole lot more.

So there ya go. It helps that Kabes is at an age where he can do a good number of things for himself. Might as well make the most of it, otherwise I’ll cry at him growing up too fast.

Go visit A Healthy Slice of Life for more Munchkin Meal ideas and feeding at different ages and stages.


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Liz September 3, 2015 at 3:09 pm

Love it! I think this is considered ‘munchkin meal prep’. Looks like a smaller version of whats in my fridge. 🙂


tinysneakers September 8, 2015 at 10:44 am

Haha true, I do the same thing for myself!


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