Sweet Sixteen

by tinysneakers

16 months baby

If this month had a theme, I think it’d be communication. It’s become clear that little KB knows exactly what’s going on around him, knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. He’s finally started using “words” and is picking up on new signs so quickly.

It’s frustrating when you’re between the place of “I know what I want” and “I know how to tell somebody”. Slowly but surely we’re moving into that second part.

I say “words” because you really need context to know what he’s trying to say. His favorites are doguhh {dog}, dahhhk {duck}, dalll {ball} –are you noticing the “d” theme yet- dah DA {bye bye}, ba {balloon}, ma {milk—and water}, and mm mmmm {thank you}. He also has switched from calling everything “dat” to “diis”.

baby sign languagetoddler in pjs

His favorite signs are “airplane” and “bird”. We stop and look for EVERY airplane and listen to every birdie. He’s also mastered “please” {he knows he can use this to get just about anything- he’s wrapped around mommy’s little finger}, “banana”, “book”, “all done”, “bath”, “thank you” {sometimes}, “eat”, and ”milk”. He has his own version for just about everything.

Please gets me in trouble. When he points at something I can say “ask nicely” and he signs “please”. When he says please on his own it just kills me not to give it to him. I’m working on it. Winking smile “Later” and “not now” are hard concepts for a toddler.

baby buckettoddler shennanigans

KB continues to get into {and on} everything. Our little Kynado. He’s a whirlwind of energy and never ever wants to stop. He alternates between 1 and 2 naps depending on whether it’s a school day or not, or whether he’s just being stubborn. They’re usually still 30 minutes but we’ve gotten a handful of better ones, especially when he plays with the big kids. I can still count on one hand the number of times he’s slept past 5:15.

girl cooties

He loves, loves, loves being outside and we go for walks down the street all the time. I’m so glad the weather’s been nicer so we can play outside more. His favorite “trick” of the month is running his fingers across his lips and going “bllblblbbb”. {I’m not sure how you spell that…} He loves clapping his hands like a horse trotting, waving at everyone, and climbing on everything. It’s just a matter of time before he climbs out of his crib.


Kabes still eats like a champ –seriously, alllll the time. He’s not only on the growth chart for weight now, he jumped to the 32%ile {22ish pounds} and has the potbelly to prove it. He’s still <1% for height though. While his food intolerances seem to be minimally bothersome at this point, he’s starting having some skin reactions and seasonal allergies, which the doc thinks are related to his food allergies {there’s a lot of cross reactions}. For now we’re not challenging anything new and will think about testing after he’s 2.

baby and broom

He melts my little heart when he blows kisses or gives real kisses or hugs. He loves to kiss his piggy banks {a pig & giraffe} and humidifier {?} goodnight. Although he can be super sweet when he wants to be, he’s can also be really stubborn and ornery. He throws EVERYthing. HARD. Food, blocks, bottles, phones. Everything. He thinks the word “no” is a joke. I try to use alternatives but it’s not a matter of not understanding, it’s not wanting to listen. Who knew the “parenting” part kicked in this early. Winking smile {He’ll drag the iron {or whatever} by the plug and take it to the nearest outlet. Now tell me he can’t grasp the concept of “no” or “come here”. Ha. I’m on to you, you little punkster.}


Next week is our last week of school than this momma is on her own for the summer. We love his teachers so much and are really going to miss them.

Now bring on the playdates! {please!}

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