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We’re a cloth diapering family. Oh that reminds me- I owe you a post on that, huh?

I never understood why people would use a combination of cloth and disposable until I was doing just that. After the initial newborn phase, we switched over to cloth and loved it. I didn’t mind doing the laundry and they were just as cute as could be.

Then KB started daycare. Cloth diapers weren’t allowed, understandably. So we bought disposables for the first time. The cost reinforced my love of cloth. I prefer the one time cost approach, but slowly, I crossed over to the dark side- I actually liked using the disposables. They’re just so easy to clean up when things are particularly, um, gross. {Especially after a failed food intolerance trial-yuck, to say the least}. Then we started tossing a disposable on at night. While it didn’t magically help Kabes sleep better, it made for easy clean up of that nasty first morning poop.

disposable diapers (375x500)

So that’s how we ended being a cloth-disposable combo family. I think we still come out ahead financially, but there’s really no getting around it. Babies’ bottoms need covered!

Since we already invested in cloth diapers, it’s important to us that we get the cheapest diapers we can find. The cheapest diapers that aren’t cheap that is- they need to be absorbent and stay put.

A little while into our disposable diaper adventure, I got the opportunity to try out Sam’s Club brand of diapers, Simply Right. When I first felt them I thought they’d be too thin and there would be no way they would hold up to my crazy toddler, but they surprised me. We haven’t had a leak yet and they seem comfortable- no red marks or rashes so far. They’re pretty cute too. The best part to me is that they don’t have any odor. I don’t particularly love the smell of disposables straight out of the package.

sam's club simply right diapers size 3

We’ve been testing out the wipes too- I’m impressed by how thick and sturdy they are. They’re quilted, soft, and hold up to a heck of a lot.

For comparison’s sake, the size 3 diapers are less than 16 cents a diaper and the wipes are just under 2 cents each. According to Sam’s, members who used Simply Right diapers and wipes saved $392 a year. It’d be a little less for us since we use cloth too, but that’s not too shabby. I could buy a lot of consignment baby clothes with that cash. Winking smile

2013-03-14 16.09.01 (375x500)

So that’s my exciting spiel about the exciting topic of poopy pants. Do you have a favorite brand of disposables or cloth?

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Simply Right diapers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.

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