Second Baby Essentials List

by tinysneakers

Our second baby essentials list: Baby gear needed for baby number 2.

Spoiler alert: with kids that will be almost four years apart, there’s not a lot on the list. That’s the beauty of it.

It feels silly to even bother writing this post when I’ve already told you there’s not going to be much on it, but letting you know that you don’t need things is almost as important as what you do need.

Luckily we hung on to most of our favorites from when KB was a babe, so we’re pretty well stocked. {See all our favorite baby stuff here.} Skip down to see what gear we’re adding for baby number 2.

Some of the favorites I was sure to dig out:

Baby K’tan carrier: perfect for snuggling even the smallest of infants close to your chest. This was vital not only to have my hands free to get things done, but to help bounce and soothe KB during his colicky reflux days. I can only imagine how helpful having my hands free will be with a second baby.

Ergo carrier for a few months later {truth: I didn’t need to dig this one out…it lives in the trunk of my car since I still use it with KB at 3.5 years old. Totally worth the investment.}

babywearing age 2toddler in ergo age 3 and pregnant

Rock ‘n Play: we obviously didn’t know KB was going to have reflux ahead of time but this portable sleeper was perfect since it keeps the baby at a slight incline. Kabes slept in this by our bed for the first few months and we plan on doing the same again.

Brestfriend Nursing Pillow: We had the Boppy and the Brestfriend which are both used to help support breastfeeding. While the Boppy was a great pillow, I found the Brestfriend to be much more helpful in positioning KB correctly while we both learned how to nurse.

{We also still have essentials like swaddles, bottles, toys, clothes, etc. so I’m skipping over all that.}

second baby essentials list

Here’s where we’re switching up:

Infant car seat. We skipped the infant car seat with Kabes and went straight to the convertible. I would completely go that route again if I wasn’t worried about the timing of baby naps and our 50 minute round-trip drive to preschool. As long as the baby’s not sleeping when we get somewhere, I plan on leaving the car seat in the car.

I was hesitant to dive in and go for it especially since we already have two convertible car seats that we love, but once I decided to do it, I could see the advantages for having the infant carrier with two kids. While I carried KB most of the time, it’d be nice to have somewhere safe to put a baby down if needed. Also, two convertible seats don’t fit in my car. {Not the ones we have anyways.} eeps.

infant car seat and convertible

One of my motivating factors of getting an infant seat was assuming it’d take up less room. I ended getting one of the reportedly smaller ones secondhand {I know, I know} and assumed I’d be able to keep KB in the middle seat and put his baby brother or sister next to him…luckily I tested it out ahead of time and after endless frustration gave into the fact that I’ll have one kid on each side. {Which I was trying to avoid for a number of reasons but especially because the driver’s seat slides back automatically when you turn off the car. Oh technology.}

Breastfeeding cover. With KB I simply used blankets or hid in the carrier to nurse, although the times I needed to do so in “public” were rare anyways. I have a feeling we’ll be out and about much more with a three year old in tow, so I ordered a real nursing cover that will stay in place without needing extra hands. It also happens to double/triple/quadruple as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and scarf. This has been one of my go-to baby shower gifts since having a kid, but the first time I’ll actually be able to try it out for myself.

full coverage nursing cover multi purpose covered goods

Extra camera for baby monitor. We haven’t used the monitor for KB in ages since we can hear him anywhere in the house, but since we’re in the middle of finishing our basement the days where we might be out of earshot are getting closer {hopefully}. We figured at that point we’d want to be able to see/hear both kids {and I can’t imagine not spying on a baby every 2 seconds}. Plus the baby monitor we have currently allows for a second camera to be added so that’s pretty easy. {Full review of our baby monitor here.}

Annnnnd that’s it. Three things. And also all three are still not really necessary. Such a relief from the first time around when you need everything under the sun and more.


Runners up:

Double stroller. If your kids are closer in age I imagine a double stroller might come in handy, but since KB would rather push our City Mini rather than ride in it and I have the option to wear the baby for awhile, it seems unnecessary for us.

city mini stroller for newborntoddler pushing stroller city mini

Co-sleeper. If it weren’t so pricey and if it inclined I’d consider one of the Halo swivel bassinets or Arm’s Reach Co-sleepers so I didn’t have to climb out of bed to feed the baby in the middle of the night. But given my tendency to get up and pee anyways it’s not really worth it to add to the pile of large baby items we have.

What were your second baby essentials?

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Emily November 23, 2015 at 7:08 am

Quick comment- with our second, instead of using the co-sleeper, we just side-carred the crib (took one side off and strapped it to our bed with plastic cable binders). It’s fantastic and so much bigger and costs no extra money. So just a thought, if you want to go that route!


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