Road Trippin’ with Babe

by tinysneakers

I was going to write a post about how to survive a road trip as the only adult traveling with a baby. It was going to be full of awesome tips like having a pile of toys in the front seat that you could toss in the back as the baby inevitable threw the current toy out of reach, or how having a bottle ready to go {even if you’re breastfeeding} is a lifesaver, or having squeeze pouch solids will keep baby fed & entertained without you having to pullover.

car trip with baby

But I can’t write that post.

We just barely survived our 6-turned-8.5 hour trip home.

If KB wasn’t sleeping or eating, he was crying. Real tears. Super sad.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that’s reading that there wasn’t much sleeping.

“They” say to drive at night while baby sleeps. I understand why. But I’m a now-chronically sleep deprived momma who can’t see at night. That’s not happening.

The morning we left on our weekend adventure to see my family I was sitting on the couch nursing the babe and pursuing the internet on my phone. I somehow managed to land on the Babycenter week-by-week milestones page, something I never read because it’ll just drive you crazy if you’re baby’s not doing what it says {and they never are, let’s be real}.

This is what I read:

Your 9-month-old’s development: Week 1

“Because of separation anxiety, this can be a tough time to be away from your baby for any length of time. But it may also be hard to travel with your baby right now. He’s become used to his surroundings and familiar faces, and he likes predictability. So being on the road can disrupt his sense of security and routine, especially when visiting an unfamiliar place or meeting lots of strangers.
At this age, he doesn’t grasp the concept of travel but he’ll realize he’s in a new, strange place. Be ready for some cranky, clingy behavior…”

I half-jokingly emailed my mom and said “good thing we’re not coming next week {when he hits 9 months (!!!)} or we’d be in trouble”.

Umm. It didn’t take long into the drive for me to no longer think that was funny. KB got fussy early on, so I handed him a squeeze pouch of baby food, thinking maybe he was hungry for breakfast. He immediately proceeded to turn it upside down and squeeze it all over his lap. I suppose we should’ve practiced with it first- he had no idea it was food.

baby in carseat

I’ll spare you the rest of the play-by-play, but our trip included a stop 20 minutes from our destination to let the little guy stretch is legs on the trunk of the car {weird looks from all}, Baby Beatles on repeat, open windows for air & white noise, me singing made up songs and saying “dadadadadada” over & over again for miles because it distracted him, stopping for a shopping trip at Target so we could wait to get back in the car at nap time, driving with one arm behind me so he could hold my hand, and utter relief when we could finally get out of the car.

I don’t know if it was separation anxiety at work, just wanted to be held, or just a baby-on-the-go that didn’t want to be cooped up, but it was a rough age for solo travel. Luckily as soon as we were out of the car everyone was fine. Baby hugs, snuggles, and laughs for all:

baby and mimi

peek a booleavescousins

baby and his grandma

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