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And by ONE I really mean 13 months, because, ahem…life.

Maddox 12 months (500x333)

Normally I’d just pretend and write this as if he were really still 12 months, but SO much has changed in the last month that it’d be impossible. So 13 months it is. I feel like this tiny little thing has just exploded with life and personality in the last few weeks – he’s grown and developed more in the past month than the other 12 leading up to it all combined.

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I could get really sappy on you here. It was really, really, really hard to watch my second born turn one. I could no longer pretend he was a snuggly newborn that would just curl up in my arms all day. It’s hard to believe “toddler” officially starts at one, but I just have to watch him for a minute to know it’s true. I probably would have been a puddle of tears rocking him before bed the night before his first birthday, but a certain angsty 4.5 year old made sure that didn’t happen. {insert laughing-tears emoji}. So I won’t get sappy…

first birthday cake

But 13 months. He went from some super wobbly steps to practically running in the blink of an eye. He still climbs on evvvvverything. He usually has no less than five minor wounds on his face {see previous statement}. He’s easy-going, tough as nails, and thinks he’s hilarious, especially when he’s getting into something he knows he shouldn’t. He went from barely making any sounds or communicating to being all kinds of vocal and truly understanding much of what we say. He’ll sign “up” when he wants to be picked up {which is always, followed immediately by wanting to be put down. repeat. repeat.}, says “bye bye” with a full arm wave, has said “pup pup” for his lovey at least once, and quite possibly a “dada” and “bro-bro” in there too. Still waiting for a “mama” that actually means me.

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Sleep is a joke but we roll with the punches. Up every 2 hours and always ends up in bed with me in the early hours of the morning so I’m not a completely zombie. Naps are hit or miss, though when we got to stay home consistently over winter break he snuck a few good ones in there.

He’s still a tiny little thing {<1%} but we finally got the thumbs up from the doc that it’s probably just his nature to be small. Despite what his size may suggest, he eats like a champ and impresses us with just how much he can put away. He’ll eat most things but makes it clear when he doesn’t want something by throwing it on the floor. True-toddler days should be fun. Winking smile He nurses about four times a day and anywhere from 3 to a million times at night, although he drinks almond milk now too.

Clapping is one of his favorite things and I love how happy it makes him {and all of us}. He recently started point and saying either “see” or “this”…who knows. He laughs hysterically at his brother and loves to dance and do downward dogs in the middle of the floor. He loves splashing his bath water so much I put his tub in the shower so I can shield myself {and the entire room} with the door.

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He has four teeth and at least one more working it’s way through. He loves “helping” with laundry, throwing non-trash things in the trash can, emptying all the shelves and cabinets, and climbing in and on top of boxes. His all time favorite thing might be the dishwasher – if he hears it open he comes running. Remotes and phones also top his list of favorites. Actual toys are below the bottom of the list.

I could probably write a whole separate post on the differences between his first year and his brother’s but for now I’ll just say despite the lack of sleep it was an absolutely wonderful year and I’m said to see it go. Although of course I love seeing every stage that comes next. He’s absolutely delightful, strong-willed in the best of ways, and makes me laugh even when no one else is around.

Maddox lightening 2 (500x333)

Happy birthday little guy.

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