Munchkin Meals: 15 Months

by tinysneakers

For a minute there I naively thought we might escape the world of picky eating. Right from the get go, our little guy has been a voracious eater. There was rarely anything he didn’t like and he always wanted more, more, more. Then came toddlerhood, a time notorious for picky eating. I don’t think we have it too bad, but the beginnings are definitely there.


I try to give Kabes something I know he’ll eat, but I also keep giving him things he’s turned away in the past just in case he might want them that given day. Continuing to introduce kids to foods over and over is a great way to expand their repertoire and hopefully put a kibosh on picky eating in the long run.

To make sure he’s eating enough and is exposed to lots of different foods, I give him a mix of things he likes and doesn’t like {the list changes on a day to day basis} and sometimes literally mix foods he likes with ones he may not.


He loves anything carb-based {still}: oatmeal, quinoa, millet, amaranth, rice cakes, corn puffs, fruit, fruit, and fruit. I keep a constant rotation of pancakes, granola bars, and banana bread bars going at all times for quick and easy access. He can’t get enough bananas or mandarin oranges- frequently putting down at least 2 whole bananas and a giant container of oranges in about .5 seconds.

His like or dislike of veggies varies day to day. Some days he loves broccoli and other days he hates. Same goes for green beans, corn, and just about everything. He rarely will eat any kind of meat, with exceptions being leftover ham from Easter & shredded chicken if it’s disguised in boatloads of hummus.


Hummus and guacamole are two things he can’t get enough of- sometimes eating them plain by the bowlful- so we use that to our advantage, mixing them with rice, beans, and anything that sounds semi-good.

He mostly likes eating whatever YOU are eating, even if he already has both his hands full with the exact same thing.


Even though it appears by the state of my floor, his chair, and the food scraps in the sink that he’s throwing more food than he’s eating {which he is}, he’s eating plenty. He drinks almond, coconut, and hemp milk, breast milk, and water. All that combined has boosted him up to the 32%ile in weight. Winking smile

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Laura @ Mommy Run Fast May 2, 2013 at 1:14 pm

Hummus and guac have been lifesavers for us to get veggies into my daughter, too. He’s adorable!!


Lauren May 2, 2013 at 8:49 pm

We’re notorious in this house for putting guacamole or hummus on everything for my little guy as well. He’s an adventurous eater, but those are the go-tos when we don’t think he’ll like something!


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