by tinysneakers

I love the little Instagram roundups people are doing these days. Let’s be honest, the majority of my Instagram feed is taken up by pictures of a certain adorable baby. Wait, do I sound like a biased mom? I am. For those of you who don’t have Instagram and are missing out on the cuteness, here you go:

baby shades (350x350) (150x150)baby on motorcycle (350x350) (150x150)pee on book (350x350) (150x150)brushing teeth (350x350) (150x150)basketball baby (350x350) (150x150)learning colors (350x350) (150x150)eating naners (350x350) (150x150)banana baby (350x350) (150x150)baby hoodie (350x350) (150x150)boy and ball (350x350) (150x150)bubbles baby (350x350) (150x150)baby's first haircut (350x350) (150x150)toddler washing car (350x350) (150x150)bedhed (350x350) (150x150)so big (350x350) (150x150)cheeeese (350x350) (150x150)baby working (350x350) (150x150)toddler tv (350x350) (150x150)dino baby (350x350) (150x150)baby sweeping (350x350) (150x150)real life (350x350) (150x150)

See? Told you he was cute. Winking smile

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