Ky’s Konvos

by tinysneakers

I have to say, with the Kynado around, the husband and I burst out laughing at least 36 times a day. This kid is hysterical.

There’s a pretty good chance these are a you-had-to-be-there kinda thing, but since this is the closest to a baby book that we have, I’m documenting them. It’s so easy to forget all the funny things he says and does.

toddler conversations

Konvo 1

{Background: KB’s really good at saying & signing “please” if you tell him to “ask nicely”. Since he can handle longer phrases now, we’re working on getting him to include the nicety in his requests.}

KB: Mommy, OUT! {of the shopping cart at Target}

Me: Can you ask me nicely?

KB: Peass.

Me: Can you say the whole sentence?

KB: Whole sentence!


Konvos 2-15

KB: See dinosaurs?

Me: Sure, we can go see the dinosaurs.

KB: NOISE! Outside. Ceratops. eeee rex! NOise.

{ONE time we went to see the dinosaur at the science center and a bird was squawking outside. Ever since, the word dinosaur is associated with NOISE. Outside!}

laughing toddler

Konvo 16

KB: See plane!

Me: Where’s the plane going?

KB: The airport. No, school! No, airport. No, school!

Me: What’s the plane going to do at school?

KB: Play with friends. And go music. Ride buggy. Yeah.

toddler roars

Things I Never Thought I’d Say

You can hit the couch, you can hit the floor, you can hit the pillow, but please don’t hit mommy!

Please don’t bite my face.

science center

What KB Calls Things

“Shark and fish” = science center

“Train store” = Barnes & Noble

“Tarry you” = carry me

“Ma ma” = water {the kid can say artichoke, but water? not so much.}

where'd it go

Favorite Phrases

Where’d it go?

Mommy, you doing?

What happened?

Down low. Up high. Down low, no up high!

Get in it.

Get out.

Mommy, stuck!

Snack at home?

I funny.

mom and toddler

Love my little master of mayhem. Winking smile

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Kelly April 10, 2014 at 9:58 pm

Love listening to him talk!


TriGirl April 10, 2014 at 11:22 pm

I work with toddlers–it takes a master to figure out what their words mean 😀 Your little guy’s got some great phrases!


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