Have Snacks, Will Travel

by tinysneakers

As many of you know, KB is allergic to dairy, soy, and gluten. It’s not really as inconvenient as it sounds.

Until it comes to snack time.

Toddler staples like goldfish, pretzels, and yogurt are out.

But plenty of things are in. Now that we’ve gotten used to it, we’re in a pretty good snack groove. I make sure we always have an assortment of our favorites on hand so we can avoid potential meltdowns and traumatized toddler incidents. At any given time there’s a random collection in my car, my purse, my gym bag, and the pantry, of course. I cart big bags and boxes of them to school too, in case the snack of the day isn’t KB-safe.

So in honor of this month’s Munchkin Meals, here are some of our favorite toddler snacks, that just happen to be gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. When we’re home we try to steer a little bit further away from the packaged snacks, but the ones below are some of our favorites for portability and minimal mess.

toddler snacks

Favorite Toddler Snacks

Enjoy Life Granola BarsSunbutter for the tyke, Cinnamon Bun for me. Occasionally we make our own, but most of the times they don’t pass the toddler test. Not because they don’t taste good, but because they don’t come in a shiny wrapper. *insert eye roll*. Udi’s Cranberry Almond are a fave too.

enjoy life granola bars cinnamon-bun  enjoy life sunbutter granola bars

180 Snacks – Nut Clusters. An alternative to a granola bar and “step up” {in toddler eyes} from a plain old handful of nuts.

cashew crunch

Pouches – any and all kinds. We tend to get a lot of Happy Family, Del Monte, and Buddy Fruit. I try to get blends with at least one veggie or green to make myself feel better. Goodness knows the kid gets enough fruit. Winking smile

buddy fruits pouches    happy tot pouches

Trail Mix – I make it ahead of time so it’s at the ready. KB’s current fave in rotation is cashews, raisins, banana chips, and coconut flakes. I may or may not eat most of the coconut flakes.

Veggie Straws – straws, chips, peas, puffs, you name it, he wants it.

snapea chipsveggie straw chipsveggie strawsearth balance vegan cheddar puffs

Oranges – peeling them slows him down a little. I try to serve these with nuts too.

20140401_155849 (500x430)

Bananas – oh bananas. This kids loves bananas so much. His belly doesn’t love them back, so we try not to go overboard here. He’d eat 3 in a row if I’d let him.

Carrots and peanut butter – ‘nuff said.


What’s your little one snackin’ on?

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Yuliya April 4, 2014 at 3:34 am

I had to laugh reading about the bananas! My son is the exact same way! He could just eat them all day, everyday for every meal! He also loves citrus fruits, and has tried to take bites out of them with the peel still on if I take too long.


tinysneakers April 7, 2014 at 9:35 am

Haha yup, mine does that too!


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