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Newborn…blink, blink… FOUR YEAR OLD.

fourth birthday pancakes

I don’t know when exactly we went from having a little baby to an actual real KID, but somehow here we are. A walking, talking, running, flipping, joking, laughing, singing KID. Not even a hint of toddler anymore. It must’ve happened when I wasn’t looking.

goofy four year old

It doesn’t feel that long ago when I asked KB when he went to “big kid school” if he was going to take the bus or I was going to drive him. His answer? I’ll drive myself…when I’m 4. three year old baby wearing

And here we are at four. I guess I better hand over the keys.


While he’s not going to drive a real car anytime soon obviously {although he’s actually quite skilled behind a tyke-sized wheel}, we’ve seen Kabes grow in leaps and bounds in terms of independence this year, especially in the last 6 or so months. {Which is fabulous timing given our move and new addition.} He also grew literally – 4 inches!

four year old kitchen helper

It’s bittersweet {but mostly sweet} watching him learn to do things for himself and watch his little brain work. You’re not supposed to say your kids are smart, but he is – I love hearing the things he remembers and all his questions. {Even if they also occasionally simultaneously drive me bonkers.} He’s polite and energetic, and as sweet as can be, though I’ve gotten my share fair of glimpses into our future life with a teenage boy. {He has the exasperated “whatever” down pat.}

four years

In true boy fashion he’s obsessed with all things trucks, cars, and “constructions” {he’s saving all his money to buy a real dump truck so he can build a restaurant near our house that serves French fries and coffee- future business savant here} and is in constant motion.

outside play four year old

Practically speaking, he’s in preschool three mornings a week and is otherwise my little sidekick. Though we butt heads on acceptable wake up time, KB started sleeping through the night in his own bed, diaper free, about a week after we brought his baby brother home. {A thousand woohoos!}

Kabes played soccer for the first time this fall on a local outdoor rec team and then again this winter through a school program. He loves it and will be trying out baseball in the spring.

three year old soccer

There’s no way to wrap up all that this past year was in one little post, but there’s a peak. I hope I always remember these days – his astounding memory, his sense of humor, his energy, and his little-kid sweetness.

silly three year old

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Kelly February 23, 2016 at 10:06 pm

Awe! Miss you guys!


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