First Day of Preschool {2’s}

by tinysneakers

first day of preschool 2014

Ok this is a little late {but not as late as I’ve been known to do before} –> The Kynado’s first day of preschool.

IMG_2891 (375x500)

He’s going to the same school as he has for the past two years, but it’s officially “preschool” instead of parent’s morning out. I guess that mean he actually has to learn this year? Just kidding – he’s actually learned a ton just from being around other kids already and I can’t wait to see what a more structured year brings.

first day of preschool

Here are some obligatory pictures, which are totally necessary so I can go back and compare them to his first day last year {and next year} and his last day this year. These kiddos just grow up so fast! sniff.

first day school 13 v 14

KB goes to school three mornings a week and because of a slightly unconventional schedule {that worked better for us} he’s in two separate classes. That means he has four teachers and I have to remember two of everything – wish me luck.

first day of preschool interview

{My favorite from this “interview”: when I grow up I want to get bigger and play with mommy. Alternative answer: be a robot.}

So far he loves it, which is no surprise to anyone. School remains the one place where Kabes will happily leave me without a tear {or even a look back}. He was already asking for his teachers by name the second day. That’s gotta be a good sign. So far so good on the potty training at school too – his only accident so far was kind of my fault because I forget to remind one set of teachers he was potty trained.

And, in true Kynado fashion, his favorite part of the day is playing on the playground.

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Kelly September 17, 2014 at 9:50 pm

I love his friends list 😉


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