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Dad’s Pregnant Too

Dad’s Pregnant Too

by tinysneakers

When I found out the options for childbirth classes at our local hospital were a series of 5 Wednesday evenings or a couple hours one Friday evening and an all day Saturday session, I barely glanced up from the schedule to look at the husband before we simultaneously agreed that doing it in one fell swoop would be the superior option.

Plus, it’d take a lot of convincing to get me to miss 5 prenatal yoga classes in a row- one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.

The class felt like light years away when I first registered for it, but that weekend on the calendar rolled around quickly and before I knew it we were loading the car up with pillows and headed to class.

maternity admissions women's hospital

The first evening was just 2 quick hours that focused on basic baby care. Each couple took responsibility for their own plastic baby that we had to hold the entire class as we learned how to give a sponge bath in a basin, put on a diaper, and swaddle the baby. It all sounds a little silly, but it was pretty useful- even in just the sense that it boosted our confidence to care for a baby.

birth education

Oddly enough, holding the plastic baby and passing it back and forth made us excited for the actual real baby that’s on the way more than anything else. We shared a laugh when part way through class we both looked down at our fake baby and saw it’s hand curled into a perfect thumbs up. Most would say this was the baby getting ready to suck it’s thumb, but if anybody actually knows the husband, you’ll know this is hilarious- the boy cannot take a picture without flashing his signature thumbs up.

child birth lessons

The brief childcare portion was followed up by an early morning start the next day. We jumped right into learning about the birthing process, stages of labor, and various ways to cope.

I can’t say I really learned anything earth-shattering {I am a research-aholic after all}, but I was completely thrown off by how pro-“birth is natural” they were.”} I’m under no deulsions it will be anything like a birthing center, but I was beyond pleased the focus wasn’t on when to get your epidural. They presented other options, discussed the pros and cons, and reviewed coping mechanisms for getting through labor pain. It was nice to see certain things in advance- like an epidural needle, a vacuum {which looks like a Fisher Price toy}, forceps, etc.- those things could be pretty scary seeing them for the first time in the midst of a painful labor.

The second best of the day was touring the hospital- I love knowing what to expect and feel comfortable knowing just where to go and where I’ll be when the time comes. I was looking forward to seeing all the newborn babies in the nursery, but sadly it was empty- the babies stay in the rooms with the moms, so that’s a good thing though.

So the hospital tour was the 2nd best part.

The BEST part?

childbirth class

The husbands had to rotate wearing a 30 pound empathy belly for 20 minutes a pop. I can’t say I didn’t laugh when my oh-so-lucky husband drew the short straw: the lunch shift. I reveled in this, of course. 20 minutes? Come on! He was a good sport though and wore it all through lunch without complaining. {I’m sure he knew better. Winking smile}

empathy belly

I was lucky enough to have not one, but two friends coincidently in birth class with me, which made things not only comforting, but fun.

One of our friends was chosen to birth a baby…

childbirth education classes

The husband was feeling pretty good about his belly lunch shift at this point. Winking smile


There are a ton of different types of childbirth education classes- Lamaze {which always, without fail, makes me think of Full House}, Bradley, Hypnobirthing, etc. I’d love to try one of the other ones, especially Bradley, but they require a lot of time, money, and aren’t easily accessible around here, so the hospital class will have to suffice.

Did you take child birth classes? What kind? What did you learn?

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Kristin December 15, 2011 at 2:31 pm

I had a pretty similar experience to you are out hospital and was really impressed with how through everything was. I agree the other types of classes take time and money and I live in a small town where they weren’t really an option. I feel confident in our hospital and them honoring our wishes for what ever birth style we chose.


Elizabeth @TheBareMidriff December 15, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Wow, that looks like a whole lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed it!


Kelly December 15, 2011 at 7:59 pm

Haha!! Those pictures are great! Hate I missed taking the classes – especially if Justin would have had to wear a belly!


Katie @ Healthy Heddleston December 15, 2011 at 9:37 pm

This post makes me both overwhelmed and excited to sign up for our class!!


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