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by tinysneakers

So in true summer fashion I am behind on just about everything that doesn’t have a concrete deadline set by someone who pays me. I pick having fun over sitting in front of my computer or typing away with my thumbs on my phone any day, so forgive me when this space is crickets and tumbleweeds.

And also for waiting until halfway through the second trimester to actually write about being pregnant. {Oh by the way, I’m pregnant.} Kabes is due a little brother or sister this winter and I’m just now getting around to documenting it any way shape or form. It’s not because a second pregnancy is less important or as exciting as the first one, but hanging out with the current kiddo is way higher on the list than any other task I might have time leftover for at the end of the day.

pregnancy announcement baby 2

Since school is getting ready to start back up and I can start putting an end to the summer work-life juggle, perhaps I’ll be able to share a little more. But no promises.

So here’s a little rewind of the past few months, highly summarized and watered down so you don’t get bored to death. {You still might.} All I can say is be thankful I wasn’t secretly writing posts at the beginning of this pregnancy to later back-publish after we’d spilled the beans. They’d have been full of unnecessary complaints and uncharacteristic whining on my part, going something like this: So sick. Can’t function. Who’s idea was this? Never having more kids. Etc and so on. {See aren’t you glad I’m not going to make you read that in detail?}

Anyways, the beginning was ROUGH in all caps. I was super sick at the beginning with KB so I wasn’t surprised, but being sick on top of life including a three year old either hit me harder or I was actually sicker this time around. The morning sickness may have struck harder, but I’m happy to say it seems to have given me a break recently. Let’s hope I’m not jinxing myself. Also, I try not to complain too much because I know people have it way worse than I did, but it was definitely not fun and I’m not trying to paint false pictures here. I was also much more comfortable with accepting {ok, begging} for medication to help with the nausea this time around and only recently weaned down to just a nighttime dose, which occasionally I can skip and not die be ok.

The hardest part of the beginning was how little attention and energy I was able to put towards KB. I spent a better part of the first four months trying to be horizontal at all times, which does not translate well for a southern spring with an active three year old. I put him in front of the tv more times than I’d like to admit, and had we not been living with my in-laws at the time, he might have gone months without eating anything but dry cereal and granola bars. The guilt I had was astronomical and the only thing I can hope is that’s the worst of his self-perceived neglect. I know plenty of moms feel guilty that they can’t pay the older child as much attention when a new baby comes and I’m just hoping maybe we got that part out of the way early. {He actually tried to bargain with me to play with him with his most hated activity: “Mommy if I take a nap will you pleeeeeeease get on the floor and play with me?” <<daggers to heart>>.} Good news: he seems to have gotten over it.

Fast forward through a ton of details you don’t care about to now:

I’m 24 25 weeks but measuring on the bigger side. {Baby was something like a pound and a half at the last appointment and I’m measuring about 5 days ahead.}

Baby started out breech, then flipped, then flipped again. I’m trying not to worry until it matters, but breech kicks are not the most comfortable so I wouldn’t mind if he or she wanted to flip again.

If you can’t tell from my lack of consistent pronouns, we opted not to find out sex/gender again.

We also opted out of genetic testing and therefore early ultrasounds this time around. I didn’t have the risk factors, we learned things last time around that ended up being wasted worry, and we wouldn’t do anything differently than be prepared. Had our anatomy scan shown any indications of the slightest anything, then we would have added blood work, but as far as they can tell, everything looks good. This meant our first look at baby was at 19 weeks. We got a second little peak at 23 weeks because they weren’t able to get all the measurements they needed due to the baby’s awkward positioning.

pregnancy ultrasound big brother

I was completely unable to exercise whatsoever for the first 15ish weeks. I wish I could tell you otherwise but that’s reality. I eased back into things when I could, and while I’m not as active as I would like to be, {read: no 24 hour bike rides} I’m still doing as much as I can to keep both of us healthy. I’ve been doing Pure Barre {with some modifications now}, PiYo, walking, and just moving as much as possible. A three year old helps with motivation. I’ve limited running to chasing KB on his balance bike down the hills. {eek}

Given the above plus my lack of appetite + nausea = shoving any and all foods into my mouth, I started gaining weight earlier and what feels like faster than last time, although I’m about on par with last time. One thing’s for sure though – what they say about every pregnancy being different is true. The numbers may be close, but I’m carrying and gaining completely differently. I got lucky to make it through with about four pieces of maternity clothing last time and I’ve already long outgrown just about every single piece of normal clothing I have plus the maternity leftovers from last time. It’s not entirely physically comfortable but I’m ok with it. {Now anyways – not so much at the beginning when I wasn’t ready for it.Winking smile}

Most importantly, KB is super, super excited about his little brother or sister. He’s thrilled to be a big brother and keeps asking if it’s time for the baby to come out yet and gets sad when I say no. He understood what was happening way more than I thought he would even from the very beginning and it’s pretty much adorable. I’m sure he has no idea what he’s really in for, but I can’t wait to see him as a big brother.


Well so much for watered down, but it could’ve been a lot worse. Winking smile



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