Baby Cold Essentials

by tinysneakers

You can’t avoid it: the baby cold.

It’s a nasty thing.

Honestly, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it besides giving extra snuggles, but doing something, anything, makes you feel better.

baby cold essentials

We’ve had 3 {4?} colds since starting daycare. Supposedly it’s a myth that the two are associated, but I highly doubt it’s a coincidence. It seems as soon as one cold clears up, a few days later the next one strikes, usually attacking mom or dad as well. And here I thought breastfeeding was supposed to help prevent colds.

Here’s how we’ve learned to deal with them so far:

Steam showers.

I run a hot, hot shower, shut the door, and let the steam build. Yes, me, the same girl that shuts off faucets that have been running for more than .2 seconds while washing dishes. {A lesson you learn over and over again: you will do ANYTHING to make your child happy.}

Sometimes I toss in 1/4 of a shower steamer block for some menthol/eucalyptus action. {Yes, they do still make them. You’re wrong Pinterest.}

“They” say steam doesn’t help a cold, but I beg to differ. It gets the snot flowing, which is the main goal of treating baby colds- get the junk out of their head. We hang out in the steamy bathroom before and during bath time so he can breathe well when he goes to bed. If it’s a really bad cold, I’ll do it a couple times during the day too.

Which brings me to my number 1 baby cold essential:

The NoseFrida.

I thought this was SO weird when I first heard about it. It wasn’t until Kabes got a cold bad enough to have to use the hospital-issued snot sucker over and over again that I caved to the gloriousness of the Nose Frida. The bulb style sucker is a little violent against those brand new nasal passages. The Frida is more gentle and gets more snot out with one suck. A bonus when you have a squirmy baby that hates getting his nose sucked. I’m not going to lie- I think watching the snot come out is kind of cool, in that gross-biology-is-neat-I’m-a-nerd kind of way.

nosefrida snot sucker

{You one end in baby’s nose, the other in your mouth, and suck. Like a syphon. But there’s a piece of foam in the middle of the tube so no snot can even attempt to invade your mouth. It comes apart easily to clean.}

nose frida filters refill

{I got this for free, but I would totally pay for it knowing how much better it works than the bulb.}

What else?


At first we just dissolved some salt in water and used an eyedropper to moisten his nasal passages and break up some of the boogies, but again, as he got more and more mobile and rebellious, I moved on to the store bought saline spray kind that I can squirt up a nostril as he rolls around and protests.

saline nasal spray for baby

Vicks Baby Rub

A non-medicated version of the cold rub adults love. I rub it on his back, chest, and the bottoms of his feet before zipping him up in his sleeper for the night. Yes, bottoms of his feet. It’s one of those “secret mom miracle trick” things. It’s especially good for coughs that keep waking up your little one. Plus it smells good. {Oh and I don’t actually use the Vicks’ brand.}

vicks baby rub

Vick’s Plug Ins

Like Glade Plug-Ins for your home, but Vicks scented! They make a baby version but I prefer the adult kind that has that signature menthol smell. I don’t know if you should follow my lead on that or not, but we plug this in by his crib at night and for naps and I really think it helps. {It has a night light too but we tape over it so it doesn’t glow.} Alternatively you could use eucalyptus oil in a humidifier or mister but I think you need one that runs warm…we use a cool air humidifier.

vicks plug in

Boogie Wipes

Another thing I thought was ridiculous until I needed them. We got these Boogie Wipes as a gift at our baby shower and I almost returned them. So glad I didn’t. They’re like the softest, bestest Kleenex in the world. Like baby wipes, but better. They have saline in them to help dissolve the stubborn boogers, plus moisturizers {or something} to lubricate and not irritate that sensitive baby-face skin.

boogie wipes for baby colds

I think that’s it.

What tips do you have for getting through these endless baby colds?

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Courtney H November 15, 2012 at 10:53 am

Poor buddy! I do agree though- daycare/preschool means more colds! We have so many anymore. Remember H got one when she was 4 weeks old from A- who got it from school. Argh! These are great- I’m gonna try the baby rub. Hope he is feeling better.


K November 19, 2012 at 1:35 pm

We also vote for steamy showers all the way! I’ve found 2 other things that also worked really well: humidifier at night and Coryzalia homeopathic drops. I admit, I am totally fascinated by that Nose Frida!


tinysneakers November 20, 2012 at 8:52 am

Oh I’ll have to check those drops out!


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