Baby #2: Things We’re Doing Differently

by tinysneakers

Aside from drugging him/her to sleep? Nothing.

I KID I KID. On the drugs, not the nothing.

While I can hope with all my heart a few things will go more smoothly this time around, the biggest lesson we learned with Kabes was that so much depends on the individual child vs the parent.

There are plenty of things a parent can do to influence a certain outcome, but even then it doesn’t always work that way. Until we know what this baby’s like, I can’t say what we will or won’t do. I know we didn’t do everything perfectly with KB but it all turned out alright in the end, so why worry about things ahead of time.

baby number 2 things we're doing differently


That being said, my fingers are crossed so tightly they’re turning blue that this one will be a better sleeper than KB. We did everything to get him to sleep and it didn’t work – it was {is} just his nature. The bright side is at least this time around we know what’s “supposed” to help from the get-go, which might help us avoid creating any bad patterns we have to break down the road. {Like who knew you had to teach a baby to sleep? Or if you nurse/hold/rock/whatever them to sleep, they might come to depend on it? Or that even babies need schedules?}

sleeping infant

{In honor of all things baby sleep, here are some great baby sleep books. I’m adding Moms on Call to the list this time around too.}



The only really truly different thing we’re doing is going into this assuming the possibility that KB’s sibling might share his food allergies. {Considering a strong genetic tie for allergies it’s completely feasible, but it also could have been caused by his pre-term birth, an undeveloped gut, antibiotics at birth, a stroke of bad luck, or a thousand other reasons we’ll never know.}

colicky baby

For the end of this pregnancy I’ve cut out dairy, soy, and gluten {KB’s current triggers} so that my milk will be “clean” whenever the baby comes. If everything seems fine I’ll add it back in down the road and test it out. I’m completely aware that it may have zero influence and the reason it may “work” is because this baby doesn’t have allergies, but since it won’t hurt anyone to try {and so many new babies have trouble with dairy anyways} it’s something I’m willing to do. {I will say though, it’s easier to not eat those things when you know for a fact it’s making your baby feel better and not just “might maybe possibly”.}


So I might be a tried and true Type A planner when it comes to most everything else, but until we meet this baby we’re leaving it all up in the air.

What did you do differently with baby #2 {or 3 or 4 or …}?

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