And Baby Makes Four

by tinysneakers

Last Saturday, {ok, it’s taken me awhile to actually hit publish…} in the early hours of the morning, I pulled a slimy, squirmy, beautiful baby boy on to my chest, instantly transforming our world yet again and making our family of four complete.

baby boy birth story

There are no words that adequately express what it’s like to welcome your very own child into this great big world, but here’s our little boy’s story.

They say the best place to start a story is the beginning, but where is that exactly? The moment this spring when I just instinctively knew we’d be adding a member to our family? Or the moments I sat outside my three year old’s bedroom door waiting for him to fall asleep, distracted by the sounds of an impromptu dinner party wrapping up when things just felt different but I couldn’t tell you why?

friendsgiving with kids

Let’s go with the latter. The Friday after thanksgiving we had several out of state friends in town and decided to host a "friendsgiving" of sorts for 13 friends {despite not actually having furniture for 4, let alone 13…} We joked a couple times that I’d probably go into labor as soon as I put the meal in the oven to cook for several hours, or right when all our guests showed up. Luckily neither of those things happened, but when I finally slowed down while putting my son to bed, things felt different. I felt a lot of movement that was different from what I’d been used to and a lot of pressure, though definitely not contractions. It was enough though for me to put the bug in my husband’s ear when our friends left that he might want to be prepared for something happening soon.

I’d just gone to bed and was half asleep when I felt what I thought was my water break – it was nothing like when it happened the first time around and I completely questioned whether it’d happened at all. I alternated laying in bed and going to the bathroom, trying to figure out if it’d really happened or if I should give the husband a head’s up. When I felt what I was pretty sure were contractions about ten minutes apart, I went downstairs to tell the husband he should probably get around to packing that hospital bag. He came upstairs and timed my contractions to help me figure out if I was really in labor or not and whether we should call the midwife yet. To both of our surprises, they were three minutes apart. Barely a half an hour had passed since I first thought my water broke and here we were past the point where you’re supposed to head to the hospital. Whoops.

I called the midwife {still kind of unsure if I was in labor – ha!} and as I dialed the phone I told the husband to call his parents to come watch KB now – I didn’t need to hear what the midwife said first.

By this point the contractions were stopping me in my tracks as I gathered things together to put in the car and went to kiss my buddy goodbye a few times. I couldn’t believe it was the last time I’d see him as my only child.

only child

Soon I knew we had to go. I was standing in the driveway laboring against the trunk of the car waiting for my in laws. It hadn’t been long but things were progressing more than rapidly. The husband called again and had they not been one street away we would have tossed the three year old in the car and taken him with us.

The 25 minute drive to the hospital felt appropriately long for having such frequent contractions, but it was manageable. I’ve never been so grateful to have heated seats in my entire life – they were a saving grace as the contractions ached across my back. 

The husband dropped me off at the hospital entrance  and I barely made it to the front desk before practically collapsing over it in a contraction. The admitting nurse looked up at me and said "are you ok???", like she’d never seen a woman in labor before. And for the record, no lady, I wasn’t exactly ok. When it passed she had me sit down to fill out paperwork – the same paperwork I thought I’d avoided by preregistering. Apparently that’s just a formality. I could barely nod yes to her questions and I can’t imagine what my signature on the forms looked liked – certainly not anything close to my name.

I think it was about this time {maybe 5 minutes after I came in, if that} that the husband walked in. I can’t be sure because that’s when I told the admissions lady that I had to push NOW and I wasn’t exaggerating.

I vaguely heard someone walk in the door and ask for a wheelchair because her water had broken. I’m sure she was less than thrilled when I got her intended wheelchair instead. Triage at it’s finest – and a good decision on their part.

I barely made it to the triage table before I was ready to push, for real. I have no idea how I managed to get my clothes off, but I knew it had to happen to get the baby out and that baby was coming.

The poor nurse told me not to push and had I been able to muster the energy to laugh I would have. This baby was coming now and there wasn’t anything anyone could do to stop me from making that happen.

The next few minutes were a blur – the husband running in after signing the rest of the paperwork for me, the nurse calling for my midwife, trying to get a monitor and oxygen on me.

I don’t remember how many times I pushed but it wasn’t many – I basically told myself the only way to end the pain was to deliver this baby so I gave it everything I had. At one point the midwife told me I had to do "something" {thanks for that advice by the way} because the baby’s heart rate was too low. That’s all I needed to hear and I ignored the pain, knowing it meant I was really about to meet my baby, less than two hours after I thought maybe possibly my water had broken, lying on a hard table in triage.

The whole labor and delivery process is already starting to blur and fade, as those things do, but I hope I never forgot the next moment when I reached down, seeing my baby’s head, and pulled him on top of my chest. The relief, joy, and awe that followed were immeasurable. Never mind I had given birth to a precious baby boy almost four years ago, the moment was as precious and priceless as if it were the first time anyone had given birth ever. The only difference was this time I knew the amazing things that were in store for us.

birth story baby 2

Despite the low heart rate and rapid arrival, baby appeared to be fine {despite some scary looking bruises on his face from colliding with my pelvis} and got to stay curled up on my chest {unlike KB who was whisked away}. And thank goodness because I don’t think I could’ve let go.

At one point the midwife stopped and asked "oh! Do you know what it is?" We said no and I immediately jumped in and told them I wanted the husband to tell me. He looked down, then back at me – it’s a boy! He said, in somewhat disbelief. {on the excruciating drive to the hospital we had both still guessed girl.} We were the parents of two precious boys; brothers.

brothers meeting

The rest of the story is less exciting: I delivered the placenta easily {not so last time}, got stitched up {no fun}, and then we waited and waited and waited because I delivered so fast I hadn’t actually been admitted yet, meaning they couldn’t admit the baby and get security bands and other orders yet. The table I was lying on was the most uncomfortable thing ever , but I was more than happy to wait for as long as they needed, with my baby on my chest.

While we lay there, he scooched his little wrinkled slimy body up my chest, latched on, and began to nurse. It was incredible.

So there’s the story of how I was at home in bed at 11p, 39 weeks pregnant, questioning whether labor was starting and how at 12:45a I was holding my 7lb 20 inch baby boy in my arms.

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Trisha F December 22, 2015 at 1:48 pm

What an amazing story! And I love that you were cuddling your baby and didn’t even know what it was yet! Good job on delivery and documenting the story mom 🙂


Mary December 23, 2015 at 11:18 pm

Wow…that’s one fast labor & delivery! Congrats on your new arrival!


Elizabeth | Take On E December 28, 2015 at 9:46 am

Holy moly, woman. What a story. =)


Katie December 28, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Congrats Heather! Sounds like we had similar delivery stories-and only a couple days apart! Hope you and your family are adapting well and enjoying the holidays 🙂


Kelly December 28, 2015 at 1:43 pm

I love this story! and nothing is sweeter than holding your baby right after delivery! I wish you could bottle up that feeling!


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