9 Months

by tinysneakers

Holy moly where to start. 9 months. 9 freaking months. As in, as long on the outside as on the inside. It’s like we’ve come full circle. But not really, because we’re only just getting started in this wonderful little adventure.

9 months baby (14)

I forgot how much I love this age. Newbornhood and early infancy is great and amazing because it’s new and exciting and baby snuggles x 1,000,000, but this age is so much fun. His little personality is starting to show through, he’s exploring and learning, and he’s just fun to watch and be around.

9 months baby (13)9 months baby (3)

I thought KB was adventurous and constantly into things, but let me tell you about this kid. In.to.everything. It’s probably mostly second baby syndrome, but I think it’s in his nature too. I re-clean up the same things over and over again all day long – cabinets, drawers, baskets, bags, everything his emptied constantly. And while he’s happy to be down on the ground exploring {unlike big bro who had to be held at all times}, that doesn’t mean you can actual go do something that needs to be done – he’s a climber and nothing intimidates him. The fireplace, the stairs, a step stool. A chair, the counter {!}, bro’s toys. I need to bubble wrap the entire house. He’ll even climb you while you try to hold him.

crazy baby (500x500)

9 months baby (1)9 months baby (2)

He cracks me up because he wants to be held and not held all at the same time which is obviously impossible. It’s like he needs to check in and know he can be held but as soon as he is, he wants down to explore. That includes {especially} when we’re outside. I try to make cozy, fun places for him and he says forget it, and his off the blanket and away from toys to explore more fun things like concrete, leaves, and old bee hives. Trouble, I tell ya.

9 months baby (5)9 months baby (8)

He’s such a momma’s boy and I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t mind a bit. Everything but baby hugs can wait.

9 months baby (10)

He doesn’t make many sounds but he has the best laugh, usually reserved for his brother even when he’s tackling him or squeezing him too hard. He wants to do anything KB is doing; KB wants him doing anything except what he’s doing. I feel like a referee and I know it’s only just beginning.

9 months baby (12)

This little guy is such the tiniest little peanut, but he’s mighty. {And a champion eater- he’d put a toddler to shame.} He’s a terrible sleeper {sound familiar?} but he’s so sweet about it that it’s not really a big deal. What mom needs sleep anyways?

9 months baby

9 months baby (16)9 months baby (17)

Off to go soak up more baby hugs before he doesn’t want them anymore. {cough, cough big brother}.

9 months baby (11)

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