KB: 9 Months

by tinysneakers

Crawling. Standing. Cruising. Laughing. Waving. Babbling. Sleeping.

That’s what the last month has been about.

9 months baby

I’m not crafty enough with words to paint a true picture of what a joy this boy truly is- to tell you how his little fingers kneading the skin on my chest while he nurses brings a smile to my face at even the earliest of hours; how he stands at the front door and laughs his little old man “heh heh hehs”; how he bounces with excitement at the tiniest of things- a piece of dirt, a waving flag, breakfast coming his way; the way he laughs & squeals the deepest of laughs when he plays with daddy.

baby blues

Instead, we’ll just have to stick with the formulaic standby of the “here’s-what’s-happening” ages & stages update.

baby guitars

It’s hard to believe our little snug-a-bug ever stayed in one place. Kabes scoots along with his lopsided one-foot, one-knee crawl, stopping to sit every third crawl or so to make sure you’re still there. If he has his eye on something, it’s a different story- watch out! He doesn’t notice obstacles, he simply crawls right over them as if they weren’t there. Anything that stands more than 5 inches off the ground is an invitation to pull up and stand, dangerously letting go on occasion and plopping to the ground on his padded tushy- or his face- oops. He loves “walking” around while holding your hands or while pushing his activity table across the floor. Sitting still is not an option- we even had to ditch the baby tub because baths are standing-only now.

climbing baby leapfrog activity table toy for 9 month old

Our usually quiet boy has started babbling and squealing up a storm, with even a few “dada’s” escaping at the end of the month. While he’s not signing them yet, it’s clear he knows what the signs for “food” & “more” mean. A few days ago he started waving. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes I think he just likes to flap his arms around, the same way he loves to kick his legs and bounce in excitement.

sensory ball for baby

Speaking of food, he can’t get enough. He has yet to turn down anything. His new favorite of the month is cantaloupe, but he also loves black beans, mango, and quinoa, as well as spices like chili powder, garlic, and cinnamon. That’s my boy!

baby in hoody & leg warmers

And yes, you’ll notice I said sleeping up there. Maybe not “good” for most 9 month olds, but fabulous for us. Naps are still a struggle, but night time sleep has improved so much that it’s hard to complain about a little trouble with napping. Naps continue to be about 30 minutes and we tend to have wake-up calls when the clock still starts with a 4 or 5…groan. Most nights, however, we’re getting that looong overnight chunk that we’ve been dreaming of for oh so very long. Nightweaning was a major player in the nighttime sleep battle. I have a lot to say about our whole sleep {or lack thereof} journey, which I’ll write about once I get a chance to wrap my head around it all.

crawling 9 month oldbaby reflux medslopsided crawl

Speaking of weaning, Kabes is down to nursing 4-5 times a day now- in the morning, after naps, and before bed. Although technically this is weaning, I have no plans to intentionally wean him anymore- I’m letting him take the lead, especially considering babies with reflux tend to take longer to wean in general.

changing wiggly baby

The last 2 or so weeks have been a nursing battle- or a marathon I should say. We’ve had hour long + nursing sessions that don’t leave him satisfied. I don’t know if it’s a supply issue or not, but I’m leaning more towards the comfort factor or a developmental milestone playing a role. He’s going through a bit of a clingy, “I want mommy” stage, which likely has a lot to do with it.

crawling infant

Although he’s very mommy-mommy-mommy at home, we’ve yet to have an issue at school. He loves his teachers and willingly goes to them as soon as we arrive, no tears shed!

baby on bike

What am I missing? Oh his hair came from nowhere- one day he was a near-baldy and the next he had a tiny pile of brown almost-curls. Still no teeth in sight though. Our little chunkster is starting to lean out. We won’t have his official weight until next week, but I’m guessing it’s around 17 pounds- only a pound or so more than our last checkup. Hopefully he’s continued to stay on the growth chart for height this time around!

baby mohawkbaby boy curls

happy baby boy

Some months are long and some fly by in the blink of an eye. This was one of the longer ones- not because it was truly long, but because so much changed, it’s hard to believe that some of those developments have only happened in the past few weeks. I think I’m going to be in the parental camp that says every age is “the best age”, because so far, this age is truly, truly, enjoyable. Although I miss my snuggly peanut, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

baby with his mimi

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Vicky (little baby, big city) October 12, 2012 at 10:30 am

KB and Milo are so similar, except Milo is still bald! Isn’t amazing how much they change every month!


Natalie @ will jog for food October 12, 2012 at 1:26 pm

Beautiful eyes! He’s getting so big 🙂


Samantha October 12, 2012 at 1:41 pm

He looks like he’s becoming a little boy! Like not baby and not toddler boy!! So handsome and love those blue eyes!! He’s a busy body!!
Where’d you get that cute chair? I love it!


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