7 Months

by tinysneakers

Holy cow.

7 months.

 7 month baby update

When I decided I was going to do updates every other month instead of monthly, I clearly forgot how much changes in just a couple weeks when it comes to babies. A 7 month old is SO different than a five month old.

While it feels like our little guy has gone through a million changes, at the same time it feels like there’s not much to say. I mean, what do you say about a baby? He’s adorable, doesn’t sleep very well, is completely delightful, and idolizes his brother. That about sums it up.

7 months old

It’s hard to remember back to 5 months to think about what’s changed, yet I can tell from how our lives have already changed from those all-encompassing newborn days that it’s a lot!

Starting Solids

The biggest change has probably been starting solids. We started solids right at 6 months. Well, technically 5.5 months because we started with broth, but technically {again} that’s liquid. Anyways. Without getting into it too much, his first real food was egg yolk. He is still an itty bitty little peanut and we wanted to make sure we were packing in as much nutrition as we could. He took to food like a champ and has since moved on to avocadoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, blueberries, broccoli, peas, cucumber, and chicken. He has yet to meet a food he didn’t like and dive bombs anything edible in sight.

starting solids 6 months


Um. Let’s just say it ebbs and flows between better and worse and our better is probably not what most people consider better. I have to say though, that his poor sleep is for whatever reason much less exhausting than his brother’s sleepless nights. While I’d thoroughly enjoy a full night’s sleep {or even half… a quarter?}, I really don’t mind it too much. He needs the nighttime calories {he seriously never stops moving his little legs} and I secretly enjoy the quiet post feeding snuggles that I don’t get any other time of the day. I know how short these sweet days {and nights} are and I’ll take the moments in whenever I can.

baby sleep 7 months

On the Move

He’s not crawling per se, but this kid can move – and quickly, especially if he has his eyes on something. He can get on all fours {and a downward dog}, put himself in the sitting position, and loves to climb over obstacles. When he’s determined he can scoot across the floor in the blink of an eye. There’s no containing him to soft carpets or blankets, and baby gates aren’t too far in our future. His favorite objects to pursue are the pile of dirty shoes by the door, the wipes package, the remote control, and just about anything of his brother’s.  #hoorayforbabytoys

baby boy 7 monthsboat baby


They’re a comin’. The bottom two have just hit the surface – not quite enough for me to say he has teeth but sharp enough to know they’re there. He’s teething up a storm much like the past few months, chewing, chomping, and drooling on anything and everything.

beach baby

Fun Firsts

He had his first beach trip at 6 months and was such a sport. And pretty sure his first boat trip was somewhere in there too. He loves moving fast on the boat but hates wearing his life jacket. Shocker. He loves the water when it’s warm {seriously, bathtime is hilarious and nobody walks away dry} and tolerates it mildly when it’s cold.

baby on boat

He’s such a mama’s boy {no complaints here} and usually anything that’s wrong can be solved by scooping him into my arms and not putting him down. I don’t mind. I don’t mind the crawl straight into my lap either. And as much as he wants to be in mom’s arms, he only has eyes for his brother and daddy. No one gets a chuckle out of him like his big bro – it’s the absolute sweetest.

boy mom

I’ll say it a thousand more times at least in the next 5 months, but I can’t believe we’re already closer to his first birthday than his birth day. Tissues please.

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