6 Weeks

by tinysneakers

There’s a reason they measure baby age in weeks – each week might as well be a month the way things change so rapidly. I don’t even know how to adequately and accurately capture the past six weeks {7 if I don’t hurry up and hit publish} to fully encompass this amazing month and a half.   
Much like I expected, the first week or so was relatively easy, so to speak. {We left the hospital the day after Baby M was born, which was nice but exhausting at the same time.} He happily cuddled up in anybody’s arms to snooze and seemed to have an easy temperament the few times he was actually awake enough see it. He stayed asleep if you put him down {foreshadowing here} and has been a nursing champ since the few minutes after birth when he scrunched his way up my chest and latched on. Somehow I was still able to get work done and pay attention to big brother, despite the newborn haze.
Fast forward over a month later and he still has a pleasant temperament, but didn’t get the sleepy newborn memo. Forget putting him down – M will only sleep being held and even then it’s a fight, with lots of bouncing, rocking, sshing, and patting, nighttime included. That being said, it hasn’t been nearly as frustrating given that we knew it was probably coming. 

Between feedings and power naps we catch a few minutes of happy baby coos and grunts which is pretty much the best thing ever. Despite his desire to be held while sleeping, being left alone to chill for a minute actually calms him down – a big change from big bro!

I know logically it’s only been a short time, but it feels like this has been our family forever. KB has adapted to the big brother role so, so well. I’m impressed, but not surprised; he’s a pretty awesome kid. 

Despite a lot of bruising at birth, M didn’t have any severe jaundice problems and gained his birthweight back quickly, so we don’t have a check-up until he’s 2 months old. I’d guess he’s already hovering around 10 pounds or so. He was quickly out of newborn clothes due to his long legs. 

As far as I go, it took me much, much longer to recover from giving birth this time around. Apparently a quick labor doesn’t mean a quick healing process. It took about 5 weeks to feel like my organs weren’t being jostled all over the place and I’m just now starting to feel “myself”. I had permission to exercise fairly early but it felt better to wait and recuperate. {Although keeping up with a four year old is almost exercise in itself!}

That barely seems to cover anything, but we’re just enjoying the newborn stage for what it is and loving seeing his little personality start to emerge. 

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