5 Months

by tinysneakers

Be still my heart. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that our newest little guy is 5 months old already. I get that babies grow up really super stinking fast, but come on. I was able to accept that for the first four months, but now he’s like a real live little baby instead of a squishy newborn bundle and I can’t handle it.

5 months old baby

Actually I can handle it. He’s as precious as they get and we’re all loving every day with him. Watching a second baby grow and develop is no less exciting than the first time around, when you’re convinced you have the first baby to ever laugh or roll over. Both of which he’s doing, and he finds rolling around just about the funniest thing ever. The only thing that tops that is his brother, who makes him literally chuckle.

happy baby 5 months old

Have you ever heard a baby chuckle? It’s the best cure for a bad day on the planet. I wish I could bottle it up and hand it out. We’d finally achieve world peace, I’m sure of it.

brothers for life

The first few months were a little precarious when it came to baby M’s weight gain – he wasn’t gaining enough and it’s likely because of food allergies {again}. Luckily {with a little panic on our part} we were able to get over that hurdle and while he’s still on the teeny tiny side, he’s growing. Food allergies may have affected his weight gain and his sleep patterns, but he’s quite delightful otherwise {not like some other baby I know…;)}

happy 5 month baby

Speaking of sleep, a little after four months we moved him into his crib in his room. Before that he’d been sleeping in the Rock n’ Play next to our bed for the first part of the night, then I’d move him into bed with me the first time he got up to eat. It was a rough couple nights making the transition, but now that he mostly has the hang of it it’s made the first part of the night much better. I’ll be honest though, I miss him curled up in my arms snuggling with me all night long. And even more honestly, I’m that much more tired now because I have to get up and stay awake while I feed him now. He hasn’t quite mastered the second half of the night so ZzzZZzz on my part all around.

baby eating toes5 months baby happy

He can almost sit unassisted and has found his favorite toy – his toes. My favorite thing ever is his little side-scooch-want-to-crawl move. He’s also a fan of the Superman where he lies on his belly and raises his arms and legs and swims like a half fish half frog. I bet he’d love the pool.

5 months baby

Naps are short and sweet and in a carrier of some sort at least once a day, either because we need to get out of the house {big brother needs to play of course} or out of necessity. I couldn’t function without my K’tan or Ergo. Not quite sure what we’re going to do when it’s 90+ degrees outside…

baby in ergo carrierbaby in baby k'tan carrier

I can’t believe he’s going to be a half year old next month already.

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