KB: 5 Months

by tinysneakers


Our scrawny 6 pounder has suddenly turned into a 16 pound chunkster with a skinny waist and the chubbiest of thighs. He’s 5 months old. 5 months. That’s almost 6 months. 6 month olds eat and crawl and talk and go off to college. Right?

I can not get enough of this little dude. He’s my everything; my whole life; there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make him smile.

family of three

Ready for a photo dump of cute overload? Here you go:

baby and sister in laweating sock monkeylaughing at daddyi'm up to something

Clearly I couldn’t pick just one.

baby playing with loviebaby mischiefbaby in big chairbaby and teddy bear

See that big, wide-mouthed smile up there? That’s when Daddy walked into the room. This boy sure loves his pops.

baby in mirrorbaby on bike

Mom’s not to bad in his book either. I mean, she feeds him every 2 hours, hangs out with him all night long, and he cries when she leaves the room. Might just be a mama’s boy after all.

mom and baby

I have a feeling descriptions like rambunctious, inquisitive, and “a handful” are in our near future. Kabes stares at everything with such determination and curiosity. Most of the time he seems furious he can’t move to get to whatever’s caught his eye at the moment.

big boy sitting

He’s mastered the back to tummy roll and is showing a preference for curling up on his side to sleep. Of course he makes it to his tummy and gets all kinds of pissed off because he can’t remember how to roll the other way.

We spent the better part of the last month fighting to get him feeling better. I researched the heck out of things and then went to battle. We fought for better medicine. We fought for a better dose. We fought for a better diagnosis. We fought for insurance coverage. We fought for drug availability. We fought for pharmacies who could compound the medicine correctly.

And then we took matters into our own hands. It’s pretty much a baby pharmacy up in here, mixing medicine and dosing it all day long. Do I like pumping my baby full of drugs? No. Does it seem to be helping? Yes. Will I keep looking for another solution? Of course.

IMAG0897 (327x500)

Right now we’re sticking with the diagnosis of silent reflux and adding in pyloric spasms. {His stomach spasms which hurts and wakes him up.} We’re also still looking at food intolerances or anything else that could be the route cause of all this, besides just an immature digestive system. Poor guy. He’s a trooper though. And I’m happy to report he’s feeling much better!

Just to round things out, I ended the month with a bout of mastitis that was seriously NO FUN. Anyone who’s had it will confirm that.

But it’s all ok because I see this delightful face every.single.day. LOVE HIM.


So let’s get down to it, simple style:


Kabes, KB, Ky, Ky Ky, Bug, Stinker, Stinker Bug, Booger, Boog, Boo Boo, Sug, Sugar, Baby



baby touching grass for first time

Rolling back to front

Sitting {just about on his own- although I wouldn’t walk away at this point}

Grabbing his toes

baby grabbing toes


Climbing on mommy like a jungle gym


Anything red or brightly colored



Putting everything in his mouth, especially my face {he lunges after it mouth first}





Being put down abruptly

Mommy walking away

Loud noises {who does?!}

Getting dressed after a bath

baby in baseball hat

I had to call in reinforcements for his monthly pictures this time around- kiddo wanted to crawl right on out of the chair. Oh my.

1 month old baby  3 month old baby  5 month old baby

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Lindsay @ Lindsay's List June 19, 2012 at 7:33 am

ovaries are aching after this!! Such a cutie!! (and you’re beautiful!)


Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff June 19, 2012 at 7:51 am

This is just amazing! I can’t believe how much he’s grown already. You and C are quite the troopers for getting through the ups and downs of his sleeping/reflux issues. Miss you guys – hope to see you soon! Have fun at the beach!


Caitlin June 19, 2012 at 7:58 am

He’s an angel! The pics are too cute (and you are too cute too BTW, love your scarf). The bouncing video KILLED ME. OMG, I sent it to my sister. She’s gonna love it. You’ve got quite the gem!


Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life June 19, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Awww, he is so adorable! Happy 5 months to your little man!


Hotpotatokate June 19, 2012 at 6:57 pm

I’m SO glad the meds are helping, even though (like you) I would rather not pump my kiddo full of drugs (Toby’s still on gaviscon- we had a few days off and he was horrible- but I’m going to test him off it again soon, I think). KB is super cute, and I LOVE THIS STAGE!


Tina @ Best Body Fitness June 19, 2012 at 8:25 pm

I gotta say that I’m glad you couldn’t pick just one photo. 😉

Hope he starts feeling better soon. Keep giving him those snuggles. 🙂


Grandma Neal July 11, 2012 at 8:02 pm

This site is awesome! He’s so cute!


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