KB: 4 Months

by tinysneakers

Where oh where to start. This little cutie pie is FOUR months old. Sometimes it seems like January was yesterday; other times it seems like it was a lifetime ago.

4 month old baby

I get an absolute kick out of watching his little personality come to life and seeing all his funny faces.

funny baby face

This hasn’t been the easiest month on anybody. Parts of it were really great- KB has got that smiling thing down, and no one can get a belly laugh out of him like daddy. When he smiles at you, there is absolutely nothing in the world that could possibly be wrong at that moment.

baby and daddy

On the other hand, the reflux is back. We thought we were out of the woods when I regulated my milk supply, but the reflux has reared it’s ugly head again in a big way.

Basically that means mom and baby are doing anything but sleeping. It’s horrible to watch your baby in pain and not be able to fix it with hugs and kisses, a lesson I’m sure I’ll learn more than once on this journey. The biggest problem has been that the reflux wakes him up and makes it hard for him to go to sleep. I don’t want to dwell on the not sleeping part. I know his health issues could be much more significant and I’m eternally grateful this is all we’re dealing with. There’s no way to make the situation pretty- we’re exhausted. As in more exhausted than when he was a newborn. But we’re fighting for answers and treatments and one day we’ll sleep.

infant reflux medicine

I hate pumping my baby full of drugs, but we’ve tried everything else. We added a medication last week and we’re seeing a pediatric GI specialist this week. Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this soon. It’s so hard to read about babies the same age and younger sleeping and napping like champs. I’m extremely happy for those moms, but it’s hard. On the bright side, we’re not experiencing the dreaded 4 month sleep regression- we have nowhere to regress to!

peek a boo

Ok enough of that-on to everything else. The little stinker bug is eating like a champ still, every 2 hours around the clock. He checked in at 14 pounds at his 4 month check up, putting him in the 41 percentile. He’s a shorty pants though- 23 inches, 8%ile. What length he does have seems to be in his legs- he’s just about popping out of 6 month clothing that has legs. We can still get away with some 3-6 month onesies though.

weighing babymeasuring baby

Though he figured out how to roll over at 2.5 months, he’s had enough of that. He’s moving on to other things! {Or just too tired…}

He so desperately wants to crawl, he just has no idea how to make it happen. When he’s on his belly he kicks his legs like a wild man and scrunches them up under himself; he doesn’t know what to do next though.

baby trying to crawlcrawl attemptrolling overtummy time

In big exciting things this month… we got the little bubs a Jumperoo! I never imagined I’d buy one of these things- I’ve heard horror stories about how it affects development, but that seems to be more so with the jumpers that hang from the doorway. KB looooves to stand and bounce, and he hates laying down. This seemed like the perfect solution. {I stuck him in one at the store one day and he instantly LOVED it. Of course I had to get him one.}

jumperoo for baby

My sweet little boy’s eyes are still as blue as ever, although some days they look a little more gray. We wonder every day what color they will end up. Poor guy also started losing most of his baby hair- all but the very bottom,giving him that crazy baby old man hairdo. Each morning when I pull him out of the crib, I see a sad little pile of baby hair left behind on the sheet.

wide eyed baby

Speaking of cribs, we did make some progress with the whole sleep thing. While he only naps for about 30 minutes at a time, he’s able to do it in his crib. It makes me so sad for him to not be in my arms anymore, just like I thought it would. However, he makes getting him up from his nap that much sweeter- I love seeing his outstretched arms pop out of the swaddle.

stretching baby

One of my favorite moments of the day is when he’s just woken up from a nap and he’s still a little sleepy- he wraps his little arms around my shoulder and nuzzles his head in my neck as we come downstairs. Which leads to my next favorite moment, one I know I will miss with a passion when he gets older- nursing.

I always thought it was strange when people said how much they loved the bonding experience of breastfeeding, but now I understand. It’s the one moment of the day {ok, 8+ moments of the day} when he lets me cuddle and hold him and doesn’t squirm away or cry. Sometimes he just stares back at me, and sometimes he laughs and forgets he’s supposed to be eating. How could I not love it?

baby playing in laundry

Other special skills acquired this month:

  • Drooooooling

drooling baby

  • Babbling! We’ve got the oohs and ahhs down and we’re working on the goo goo gah gahhs. He’s got the “guuuuuh” sound down nicely. I humor myself by saying mama maa ma ma repeatedly to him. Occasionally I slip in a dada or a papa. Winking smile


  • We have hands! Bubba finally found his hands. It started with him reaching for the toys hanging over him on his play mat, which eventually led to him grasping some of his toys between his hands. He’s most recently started putting his hands and everything else {especially my hand} in his mouth.

baby playing with sock monkey

The husband and I both laughed in childbirth class when the nurse told us one of the reasons babies cry is because they’re bored. “What does a baby have to be bored about?!” Ha, shows us- this little bugger hates to be in the same place or do the same thing for a long time. He must have new and exciting things! Luckily that makes venturing out a little easier- he gets so enthralled by all the newness that he doesn’t make a big fuss.

out to lunch with baby

One thing he still absolutely loves? Bath time! Especially in the big tub.

big boy bath time

That was an excessively long update, but a lot happens in a month! I’m leaving a million things out I’m sure. A month flies by with the blink of an eye, but it seems like such a long time in baby world- so many new things happen.

1-month old babybaby at 4 months

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Marie May 17, 2012 at 1:01 pm

Your little guy is so cute! And the color of his eyes is amazing! I’m sorry to hear about the return of the reflux though; that totally stinks. I know you said you’ve tried everything but my friend had a baby with reflux and they tried putting her to sleep on an incline. They specifically used a Fisher-Price Rock and Play Sleeper and that seemed to help. I also know of people who have put a pillow under one end of the crib mattress to make the mattress be on a slight incline. (I don’t see how that’s safe but it worked for them.) You’ve probably heard/tried this already but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway…just in case! Sometimes us mommas need all the ideas we can get!!


Julie May 19, 2012 at 8:06 pm

What a sweetie! Those eyes are amazing. Hang in there with the sleep- it is definitely frustrating when you hear about other babies sleeping through the night and you actually start crying out of jealousy. We still only nap 30 minutes, since he was about 3 months old and is now 10 months. The good news is most babies outgrow that at 6-8 months. Just not mine. You seem like you are doing an awesome job as a mommy, and I hope you getting at least enough sleep to have the energy to enjoy him!


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