New Territory: 38 Weeks Pregnant

by tinysneakers

Well here’s a post I wasn’t sure I’d ever write. 38 weeks is officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been {and I have to admit skipping the last month of pregnancy last time around wasn’t such a bad idea;)}.

38 weeks pregnant

{<—this was from a week ago but I haven’t exactly been on top of documenting this pregnancy with photos}

In the days leading up to 36 1/2 weeks {when KB was born} I felt like any day could be “it”. I was prepared for anything to happen – knowing I could be early again or keep on going, but still the anticipation tortured me that week. As soon as we crossed that threshold though, the feeling dissipated. I still feel like it could be any day or weeks away, and I’m fine with both of those scenarios. {Actually, truly I wouldn’t mind being not pregnant anymore but am not quite ready to be up all night with a newborn. ;)}

family of three (500x333)

{<—to officially document our family of three}

As far as pregnancy goes I feel fairly good. Things are uneventful health wise and I fell much better than a few weeks ago when everything hurt all the time and interfered with daily life. I still have a bit of that ever-present underlying nausea that insists on persisting but I barely notice anymore, and I have enough aches and pains to still make being active difficult, but in the grand scheme of things, all is well.

The exercise restrictions {due to hip & ab pain} have been frustrating but I will admit necessary – I attempted a very slow walk around the block the other day and paid for it dearly for two or three days. I’ve tried not to compare my pregnancies too much, but this one has definitely been different on the staying active front. Even though it’s not what I’d like ideally I know it’s a small blip in the big picture. {Though that’s often hard to remember when I’m feeling weak and out of breath just climbing the stairs – I won’t mind having my full lung capacity back! Or the ability to bend over or sit up without added acrobatics.}

For the most part I’m “ready” – as in as ready as I can be for the realities of having two kids and preparing for sleep deprivation. I mostly mean ready when it comes to practical things, but then I get back to not ready again – I’ll stock the fridge and pantry and make sure the house is clean, but then we eat the food and make the house messy again. Oh well, such is real life. Winking smile

Funny story {to me anyways}: we’ve tried to be really on top and upfront with Kabes about all things baby and pregnancy, but realized from a comment he made the other day that he didn’t understand the baby was going to live with us forever. Oops. We’ve made that clear now.

big brother practice (500x384)

As we get closer and closer to “the day”, KB gets more and more excited that their birthdays are going to be close together and I love his excitement. Lately he’s been putting stuffed animals in various baby things – like the crib and swing – and then yelling at me to be quiet because I’m going to wake his baby. Perhaps that’s good practice. Winking smile

Now it’s time to just wait without feeling like we’re just waiting.


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