35 Weeks & Counting, Rd. 2

by tinysneakers

Well here’s a milestone that felt like forever and a half away a few months ago: 35 weeks pregnant with baby number two. I’m at that stage of pregnancy where the end feels simultaneously both decades and milliseconds away. On one hand I’m more than ready for this baby to make his or her arrival and on the other I hope he or she keeps baking away for as long as possible.

pregnant belly

Over the last few weeks much of the focus on this pregnancy healthcare-wise has been making sure this little one isn’t planning on arriving early, which is a little bit silly given that babies are going to do what babies are going to do whether they give you warning or not. Luckily all signs are pointing towards a full-term delivery, but I also have no way of knowing if there would have been any signs with KB since we had no reason to check.

34 weeks pregnancy 2<—34 weeks, awesome public bathroom shot

Regardless, the whole focus on being early is driving me a little bit crazy because it just means if we plan for an early arrival this one will come late. Murphy’s Law, right? I’d rather just focus on each week and stage as it comes since they’re pretty much flying by anyways. {Except on the days they’re not and I find myself thinking an early arrival wouldn’t be such a bad thing.}

mom and spidey mom and three year old

The biggest thing on my mind as I near the end of this pregnancy, whether that’s next week or next month, is realizing these are the last few weeks I’ll have with just KB. I wish I could do nothing but hang out and do fun things with him but life must go on. As sad as I am to have our last few moments together as just a duo, I’m almost equally as excited to see him as a big brother. He’s taken it upon himself to start “taking care of” his baby doll and stuffed animals, yelling at me to be quiet when they’re sleeping and showing me how to rock them gently. He’s such a sweetheart when he wants to be.

sweet three year old big brother to be

While I’ll never be fully “ready”, I’m light years ahead of where I was at this point with Kabes – the cloth diapers are prepped and ready to go, the nursery is set up even though we won’t need it right away, and I sort of have a hospital bag {if you can call some shampoo, a toothbrush, and a box of granola bars a hospital bag} packed.

cloth diaper prep

Aside from the practical things, the only obstacle as of late has been fitness. I didn’t really appreciate it at the time but it was so easy to stay active with my first pregnancy. This one, while I’ve tried my best, has been a different story. I was so sick for the first half of pregnancy that what little energy I could muster went towards Kabes. When I started feeling somewhat better, I adding in as much as I could and it went pretty well for awhile. I walked with KB when the weather allowed, kept up with Pure Barre classes, and did Piyo/21 Day Fix when I couldn’t get out of the house for a workout.

exercise with kiddo

There were days where I couldn’t do a ton {or anything}, but for the most part it went well. Until it didn’t. As much as I wish they would, running and pregnancy don’t mix for me – I’m too injury prone to add in the whole relaxing-ligaments thing to the equation. It’s frustrating but ok. However, a three year old doesn’t understand that and there have been a few occasions where I’ve had to full on sprint after him on his balance bike to make sure he doesn’t bite it. It left me with some nagging pain in my hip flexor that turned into full-on, barely-stand pain down the road, which equaled a no-exercise order. With rest it’s started to get better, but even walking is out of the picture for the time being. My abs have also started to split so I’m being extra cautious about not doing core-specific workouts. Insert crying face emoji here. It’s ok because in the grand scheme of things a couple weeks/months isn’t the end of the world, but it’s also a really long time to not do anything, especially with the hardest workout ever around the corner: labor. eeps.

family photo pregnancy 2

So I suppose the countdown is unofficially on, although I’m trying my hardest to ignore any dates or timelines and trying to be prepared yet relaxed about things at the same time.

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