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18 Weeks Pregnant

18 Weeks & Flutter Free

by tinysneakers

18 weeks pregnant. 4 1/2 months. Wow. Almost half way- already!!


What Baby’s Up To

Baby has fingerprints! Or is working on them, at least. I think that’s pretty stinking cool. Baby’s grown a whopping 1/2 inch since last week- now up to 5 1/2 inches and 7 ounces. Apparently baby can hiccup too. And yawn. Now that’s talent.


How I’m Feeling

So.much.better! I’m not ready to scale mountains or anything, but it’s been awhile since I’ve had a middle of the night scramble for carbohydrates. I consider that improvement in my book. And I can pretty much eat like a normal person- not just to squelch nausea.

I tend to wake up with an upset stomach {rather, an upset stomach wakes me up} but it’s usually resolved by mid morning. Didn’t you want to know that?

How I’m Changing

I feel about the same, but my pants are definitely less than super comfortable. I took advantage of mega super maternity sale and ordered some jeans and a few shirts. I don’t reallly need them yet, but might as well be prepared. And seriously, who wouldn’t jump at a chance to wear elastic waist-ed jeans?

Enter super-awkward of awkward pregnancy photos:


Weight I’m Gaining

At last week’s midwife appointment, I was told I wasn’t gaining any weight and to cut back on exercise and ramp up the eating. However, every single other scale in the world has me exactly on track with weight gain- right in the middle of the suggested range.

I’m not sure what the deal is- whether the nurse made a mistake {I don’t think she did}, their scale is broken, or it was just a weird morning. I feel very comfortable with where I’m at in terms of weight gain, but just to be on the safe side I’m still taking it easy and being extra diligent about eating a little more, at least until we can measure baby’s growth at the next ultrasound. Last time I was 2 days ahead, so I’m not really worried, but you don’t mess around with baby’s growth. Winking smile

What I’m Eating


I still have trouble deciding what I want to eat. Nothing sounds appealing, even when I’m hungry. It makes dinner time a bit of a chore around here. On the other hand, nothing sounds bad per se, so I usually just eat whatever’s easiest to get to.

I’m also chowing down on shakes every other day, just in case. I usually drink it throughout the day or before bed so it doesn’t interfere with my appetite. My favorite are the Cinch shakes– they’re really intended to be meal replacement shakes for weight loss, but as long as you’re not skipping a meal when you’re drinking them, they’re a great way to add calories.


I like them because they’re whey and casein and all sorts of dairy free, which is hard to find. Plus, they taste like cake batter. Yes, please.

Bits & Pieces

This whole not laying on your back thing is slightly more inconvenient than I had thought. It doesn’t bother me too much in terms of sleeping, but it’s hard to get comfortable reading a book or laying on the couch. I do wake up on my back sometimes, but it’s only for a few minutes and sometimes I just need a break from my side and stomach.

Also, I don’t feel flutters anymore which makes me sad. And worries me- but I’d stopped feeling them before my last appointment and the heartbeat was going strong, so now I’m just patiently waiting for them to start again.


Weirdo Preggo Symptoms

Bloody noses. Carpel tunnel. Who knew?

FYI I’ve had 1 1/2 bloody noses. The first was the very first one of my life and it was in the middle of the night. The second was while I was driving my car and didn’t have any tissues. Luckily I found a sock stuffed in my bike shoe and a plastic bike. Just call me MacGyver. And it wasn’t really bad at all, therefore the 1/2.

As far as carpal tunnel goes, using my computer mouse is painful. So random. Perhaps I ought to become ambidextrous.

Random Fact

Less than 10% of babies are born on their due date.


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17 weeks pregnant  <–help! this post is MIA! If you’re an email subscriber and you have this in your inbox will you pplllleeease pretty please email it to me? I will love you forever and ever if you do. Thank you Shayla & Annette for bringing my post back to life!

The 1st midwife appointment disaster

Second thoughts

Outtake time:


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Shayla @ The Good Life August 30, 2011 at 6:59 pm

Glad to hear you’re feeling better and you look so great!! Beautiful and glowing and I’m loving these updates! 🙂

I had heard about pregnant women getting bloody noses before….crazy!


Marci August 30, 2011 at 7:18 pm

Ok I am all caught up now on your posts. When are you due? Feb. 1? Now I have another blog to hide out on. Are you finding out what you’re having? I have heard of bloody nose being common because of the extra blood circulating. Looking very cute and tiny.


Kate August 30, 2011 at 8:09 pm

It must be time for your announcement soon?!


tinysneakers August 31, 2011 at 6:53 am

Technically Jan 31, but I’m trying to be vague and say early Feb so I don’t get frustrated if I’m late. 😉


tinysneakers August 31, 2011 at 6:53 am

Technically Jan 31, but I’m trying to be vague and say early Feb so I don’t get frustrated if I’m late. 😉 We haven’t decided whether we want to find out- I don’t want to but my husband does. So we’ll see…


Kate August 30, 2011 at 8:09 pm

Gosh- you look AMAZING (says the chubster who went for the eat ALL THE THINGS approach and ended up in maternity jeans at 9 weeks…) Hope the flutters start up again soon- I can’t wait til mine start, but I have a few more weeks to wait.


Kristen @ The Concrete Runner August 30, 2011 at 9:54 pm

I didn’t buy maternity clothes until about week 18, when I realized it was getting harder + harder to get my jeans up over my massive thighs. *sigh* I wouldn’t worry about the flutters too much. You’re still early in you pregnancy and sometimes they might turn and kick towards your back or your placenta could be in front. As for the weight gain, I NEVER go by my doctor’s scale. I go by my scale because I weigh on it regularly and at the same time every day. One appointment, I had lost 3 pounds according to the doctor, which I knew was absolutely not true, but I had a morning appointment instead of my usual afternoon appointment. I’m sure you’re just fine!


tinysneakers August 31, 2011 at 6:56 am

Oh that makes me feel better! I even said I’d better go in the afternoon next time, haha. I’m not worried about the flutters, I just miss them! It’s such a cool feeling. And silly me, I always thought I’d need to jeans when I couldn’t button them- instead my thighs are just in the way. 😉


Christina August 30, 2011 at 10:22 pm

Hey, I’m a new reader! Enjoying reading your posts when one pops up 🙂
I just wanted to suggest talking to your Dr. about the back sleeping thing. I’ve had 3 kids and each of my many Dr’s has always OK’ed the back laying until your body tells you it’s time to stop (same with belly sleeping for the most part too). Obviously I’m not a trained Dr. or nurse which is why I suggested talking to your Dr. about it first, but I know how difficult and eventually uncomfortable it is to always be on your side, so maybe your Dr. can help you out on this one 🙂


tinysneakers August 31, 2011 at 6:58 am

Oh, thanks for the advice! I asked about my stomach and they said that was fine, but I didn’t even think to ask about the back since they always mention it when talking about exercise. But I will next time! 🙂


Jen August 31, 2011 at 11:16 am

You look great! I never go by my doctor’s scale- they say I’ve gained 3-4 lbs fewer than I really have. But that’s b/c they didn’t weigh me until week 10 and I’d already put on weight before then.

You’ll feel the flutters again! I had a nervous breakdown when I didn’t feel baby move for a week, but my midwfie said not to worry about a change of movement til 28 weeks or so.


Julia August 31, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Pregnancy symptoms are soooo weird! I had to stop running around 7 months and couldn’t do the elliptical because it hurt my calves too much, like a gnarly burning. What the heck!!!! The second I birthed my daughter, it was gone. I had bloody noses too. And a bazillion other RANDOM things. Hang in there with feeling the flutters, they’ll get stronger, and STRONGER.


maria @ a life to Bragg about August 31, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Yay, another pregnant blogger! I love discovering people in similar situations! You look adorable and don’t worry about the weight gain, your body will know what to do! 🙂


tinysneakers September 2, 2011 at 8:50 pm

Oh yay! I can’t wait to go back and read through your pregnancy posts now! And yay for NC! 🙂


Heather B September 1, 2014 at 4:20 pm

Congrats. I love detailed progress posts. Helpful for other moms and such a great way to journal your memories. I’ve read some week by week books and looked up blogs because I love the baby bonding/developmental information. I just started reading a book I think blows all the others away, and great for every pregnancy, not just the first. It says at 18 weeks that taste buds cover the inside of the baby’s mouth. Very cool. It’s called “The Wonder Within You: celebrating your baby’s journey from conception to birth” by Carey Wickersham. It’s an awesome combination of week-to-week pregnancy information, what’s going on with the baby, “Did you know?” plus health advice about what to eat, cravings, nutrition, etc, BUT also with awesome 3D/4D pictures and videos you can link or QR with your phone to and see what your baby looks like at each week stage. Even better than the typical week-to-week books, and so personal! It’s got mom stories and even a journal/note section to write your personal memories and letters to your baby. The pregnancy information is as up-to-date as it gets and it’s such a great keepsake. I want to get one for everybody I know who is expecting! I highly recommend it! TheWonderWithinYou.com.


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