KB: 12 Months

by tinysneakers

12 months. 1 year. Where to even start?

12 months baby

This month seemed a little tougher than others due to some serious teething and clinginess, but fabulous nonetheless. It’s incredible to see how much and how fast Kabes changes every single day. I was always a little scared of the toddler {& beyond} phase, but I’m already beginning to see how much fun it could be.


The biggest change this month? Walking! Kabes took his first steps at 10 months, but remained pretty hesitant about it for awhile. He slowly took more and more…3, 6, 8, 15 at a time. Then 20… and 40… I finally had to admit that was walking. After that there was no stopping him- he just took off. Now he loves to walk around us in circles. Walking makes everything more fun. I feel like it gives us more things to do- play outside, go to the museum, etc.


I’m hoping the walking helps a little with independence. I think KB spent the entire month of December attached to my leg. It made things…interesting. I’m not sure whether this is a typical phase or just extra needed comfort due to teething {or whatever- poor teething, it gets blamed for everything}. It seems this clinginess is mostly reserved for me- he’s just fine with every one else. I don’t expect him to entertain himself for long periods of time by any means, but I know we’re at the point where we should at least be encouraging independent play for small periods of time. Hmmm.


Besides walking, Kabes picked up some new skills this month like pointing, clapping, and throwing a ball. It’s so fun to play “catch” with him. He points at everything- that’s not completely new, but now he’s pointing at things intentionally. He knows what he wants and points until he gets it. Winking smile

More often than not, he’s pointing to the bananas on the kitchen counter. The kid can’t get enough! Speaking of food, he’s still my little champion eater. He’s had a few days where he just didn’t seem interesting in eating anything, but for the most part he can’t get enough. Always more, more, more! He particularly loves to feed himself things that make a mess- like sticky oatmeal. He’s started showing preferences for certain foods over others, but I still serve him a little bit of everything.


We’ve had a couple nights of wake-ups, but nothing like the early months. He still wakes up at the butt crack of dawn, but I’m pretty used to it by now. Just as we were started to get consistently timed naps, he decided to rebel and totally throw as for a loop. We’ve reverted back to a “fly by the seat of our pants” approach as we figure it out. Always keeping us on our toes, that kid! I think he might need more “awake time” between naps, but trying to figure out how much is always a guessing game.

Teething seems to get blamed for everything, but I do think it’s played a big role in his sleep & clinginess this month. His 1st top tooth popped through, making a grand total of 3 teeth. Now that he has some on the top and bottom he’s started grinding them together- it’s an awful sound; like he’s chewing on rocks.


While KB isn’t a quiet kid by any means, he still doesn’t say any words or really sign anything. He makes lots of sounds: da, ba, la, ahh, huh, ga…you know, baby typical baby stuff, but doesn’t associate them with anything yet. I’ve seen him try to sign “more” but not consistently. He definitely knows what “more” and “food” mean though!


Just after the new year we celebrated Kabes’ first birthday, welcoming him into the wondrous world of toddlerhood. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for the opportunity to be this delightful little boy’s mom. I’ve learned a lot this year- about parenting, about myself, about being a wife AND mom. I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learned for this next year. It goes without saying that I’m ecstatic about what adventures this 2nd year will hold.

1-month12 months baby

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Shanna, like Banana January 14, 2013 at 4:14 pm

So darn cute!

Sounds like our boys are living parallel lives..lots of pointing, hesitant first steps, leg clinging, and slow on the teeth 😉

Happy 1st year of motherhood to you!


tinysneakers January 15, 2013 at 1:33 pm

Ahh the leg clinging!

Thanks, and happy 1st year to you too- congrats, we survived! 😉


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