11 Months

by tinysneakers

I need to hurry up and publish this post because if I blink just one more time I’ll have to edit it to say 12 months. gulp.

Maddox 11 months (500x333)

I really, really can’t wrap my head around the fact that my baby is already 11 months old, but every time I pick him up and rock him in the middle of the night {which is a lot}, I can’t help but notice how he’s starting to not fit in my arms any more. It’s the only time he’s still enough to really notice how big he is.

11 months--2

Then of course there are the times where I see him do something and I have to step back a minute and say, oh yeah, you’re not a little bitty infant anymore, are you? And while it makes me excited to see him grow and the personality bubble, it makes me sad and weepy too. I’m not ready to put babyhood behind me just quite yet, even though I know for a fact there are exciting things to come.

I may have to skip a one year update because my tears might ruin my keyboard.

Ok enough being overly mom-dramatic. This too-rapidly-growing little fireball is just that – a mischievous, spunky little fireball. He knows exactly what he’s not supposed to do, and without fail right before he does it, he looks at us and gives us an elfish little grin and laugh. Then does it anyways, of course.

K M-5373 (500x333)

His third tooth started cutting through right after his 11 monthday. His still itty bitty but grew well this month and continues to eat like a champ. He’s starting to show preferences for different foods and throws anything that doesn’t meet his standards. We might be in for it come toddlerhood. Winking smile

11 months--3 (375x500)

He refuses bottles and only drinks out of a sippy or straw cup these days. He understands the signs for “eat” and “more” {much like big bro did} and his favorite thing to do is “share”. He loves handing you something and gets a kick out of it when you sign thank you.

He’s starting to clap and cheer {he throws his arms up for bro’s baseball games} and will occasionally grace us with some baby talk, though not too much. He continues to be fiercely independent though needs to constantly check in and make sure mom is still there. {All day is a constant cycle of ‘’”pick me up ok now put me down”.

11 months- (500x500) 11 months--4 (500x500)

No one makes him laugh and smile like big bro, and I love seeing them play together{ish}.

Now let’s go back to not talking about that first birthday around the corner.


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