15 Months || 5 Years

by tinysneakers

I keep deciding that I’m done sharing kid-updates, but then I go back and read about KB in his early days and am reminded of all the little things I’d forgotten. I’m especially reminded of how similar my boys are – I could probably copy + paste half the posts and swap the names and you’d never know.


So in the spirit of maybe not forgetting absolutely everything {thanks mom-brain}, here’s a quick-y update on both my crazies.

15 Months

M is 15 months going on 15 years. He’s trouble with a capital T in the most loving of ways. We call him our little Troublemaker {thanks Team Umizoomi} and it’s more than true. He gets into things you wouldn’t believe even with 110% supervision. He gives CLIMBER a new meaning – he stands on top of the coffee table, hangs on the tall stools in the kitchen, climbs in drawers and the washing machine, and has already climbed out of his crib. Trouble, I tell ya.


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Technically he’s “behind” on his communication skills, whatever that means. He doesn’t say a lot of words but his repetoire has started expanding in the last few weeks, along with his signs. He says bro bro, bird, ball, and dog, all of which sound almost the same if you have no context. He also says belly which is my all time fave because he just says all the Ls. He signs banana, brother, eat, and peach, but mostly just whines and stands next to what he wants until he gets it. Spoiled baby alert.


His word list may be small, but his comprehension level is out of this world. I tell him it’s time to get KB from school and he gets his shoes and runs to the door. If he wants to eat he gets a plate or bowl and takes it to the pantry. If he wants a cup he gets one and holds it up to the fridge water dispenser. If I say I need to go potty he runs to the bathroom, picks up the toilet lid, then grabs the toilet paper. {Glamorous momlife talk right here.}


In true second kid nature, he shuns all things baby and just wants whatever his brother has. Favorites would be markers-sans-lids and teeny tiny Lego pieces.

He loves music and will “dance” {waves his arms in the air} to just about anything that might qualify as music. When I put him down for a nap or bed he starts whining until I start singing and then laughs and sometimes “sings” with me. Speaking of naps and sleep, they’re a joke, but what’s new in this house.

5 Years

I absolutely love the baby stage this time around and I’m pretty sure it’s because I have firsthand evidence of how fast it passes you by. I don’t know how I have a FIVE year old. I’m supposed to be registering him for kindergarten but I keep putting it off because he’s my BABY…right???


And as much as I love watching M go through all these magical firsts, I love seeing KB grow and develop and turn into a real live actual KID. He’s smart as a whip {do all parents say that about their kids?}, has an impeccable memory, and is as sweet and as funny as can be. He has a great sense of humor, makes me laugh all day long, and is such a sweet older brother.

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He’s at a new school and is thriving there. He plays soccer at school and his third baseball season started this week. I’d love for him to try all kinds of sports and activities but I refuse to have him overscheduled and being carted place to place, so we’ll get to other things eventually. Or not.


He’s in a big arts-n-crafts stage – constantly wanting to make things, draw things, write, etc. He mastered his two-wheeler and can’t be stopped, and loves playing outside.


So that barely sums it all up, but love these two ages together. Love these two rascals.



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