I guess the internet gods’ way of telling me it is indeed time to get my fitness groove back was by selecting me to do a weeklong at-home bootcamp with personal trainer Jennifer Cohen right after I posted about itching to get back into some regular fitness training. A quick bootcamp is the perfect jumpstart to get back into the training mindset.

The real kicker that now is my time was a text from a friend over the weekend. Just as I was about to sign up for a triathlon {even though the training program was cancelled}, she asked if I was going to do a semi-local charity bike ride coming up in September. Registration was on sale for the holiday…

tour to tanglewood nc

Nudge, nudge, nudge. Yup, that’s all I needed. A no-pressure event written on the calendar and a training buddy! I really think having a concrete event and training plan is what I need in order to work around the baby’s schedule. Read: not caving in and saying, “it’s ok, I’ll go tomorrow” when I feel bad about needing someone to watch the little punkster.

So mid September I’ll be doing a two day bike ride for MS– somewhere between 15-100 miles each day; distance to be determined once I figure out how the whole breastfeeding thing works into it.

As I clicked submit I got all excited about registering for my first post-baby event. Then I realized it was really my second- the day registration opened for the North Carolina Color Run I was on it. Winking smile It’s a little far away to get my training endorphin fix going since it’s not until November, but I can’t wait. {It’s the first thing I’ll get to cross off my Fitness Bucket List!}

fitness bucket list

So bootcamp + bike ride = officially excited. Part of the bootcamp entails testing out Muscle Milk’s nutrition shake as a workout recovery tool. I make sure to have protein after every work out to help build muscle and promote quicker recovery. The convenience of not having to make a snack or shake sounds enticing. I’ll let you know how it goes, although the husband might have to be my proxy on this one due to the babe’s allergic colitis & breastfeeding. I have an appointment next week to learn more about his allergies.

So any tips on doing an endurance event while breastfeeding? I’m more concerned about the length of the actual event, not so much the training.



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